18th Jun, 2019

Cannes 2019 Key Takeaways: 3 Early CMO Mandates

Three early themes emerged from day 1 at 2019 Cannes-Lions as the Persado team met with CMOs and global marketing leaders at this year’s festival of creativity. These are the Cannes 2019 key takeaways.  

The CMO growth mandate is here to stay, and accountability is king

Brand health and creative excellence are important, but early conversations between marketing executives. This indicates their mandate to grow the business will add pressures that go far beyond creativity. CMOs are on the hook to deliver demonstrable business results, and they need to prove how their creative supports this mandate. Accountability will reign supreme.

Moving into a post-hyper-targeting world

So much of the conversation about digital marketing has been about using targeting to find that needle in a haystack. Today, marketers are waking to the ability to aggregate those needles into large haystacks. As advertising tools mature, the ability to turn aggregated audiences into mass, increasingly personalized reach for large brands becomes imperative. Along with the ongoing fragmentation of ad-supported television and continued growth of adless subscription services this need for top consumer brands only increases. In other words, how do you responsibly segment at scale such that it enables the CMO to deliver on their growth mandate?

AI is everywhere

One brand leader remarked that ‘If you don’t have AI in your pitch, then you’ve missed the boat.’ While that may be taking it too far and stoking a climate of hype, the big question on everyone’s mind: “What does AI mean for the future of creativity?”


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