21st Dec, 2020

charity: water Increased Customer Engagement by 147% with Persado’s Data-Driven Messaging

charity: water logo for customer story


Each month, charity: water runs Facebook campaigns to attract new donors to its mission of solving the global water crisis. In doing so, the nonprofit’s marketing team is constantly testing different iterations of imagery, messaging, and calls-to-action to spark the most engagement from digital audiences. 

Though this trial-and-error method has yielded moderate improvements, they wanted a more data-driven way to pinpoint the stories and messaging that would get key audiences to support the non-profit’s mission with a donation.


charity: water used Persado to machine-generate 16 Facebook ads across 1,024 permutations spanning different emotional sentiments, imagery, and narratives. This approach allowed them to identify which stories and elements are most powerful for different donor segments. 

The experiment showed that the story of community resonated more strongly across all audiences than language about their mission statement. Varying the image (e.g. displaying a mother-daughter image to women) and adding encouragement phrases also increased engagement.

As charity: water marketers explain it, just one Persado experiment accomplished months’ worth of testing, revealing insights that make a real difference in converting more monthly donors.

charity: water Increased Customer Engagement

Download the case study to learn how charity: water used AI to find the narrative which inspired the most engagement.


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