23rd Apr, 2021

Emirates NBD Uses AI for Predictive Content and Increases Leads by 171%

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As a digital-first bank, Emirates NBD’s CIE (Customer Intelligence and Engagement) team aimed to deliver a 5R marketing strategy, i.e., the right message to the right person at the right time — through the right channel and with the right offer. To achieve this goal, CIE invested in educating the creative and support teams, who didn’t always agree on what would work and had no objective way of knowing, after a campaign, which elements contributed to success or failure. Teams couldn’t predict which campaigns would do well, which made scaling their success difficult.


One representative experiment involved a carousel ad for a Facebook campaign. Persado analyzed the bank’s original creative and created a Persado-generated alternative that increased customer engagement by 133%.

In that campaign, Emirates NBD learned that:

  • Order matters. Rearranging the frames in the carousel contributed 50% to the increased performance of the ad.
  • Emotional language drives engagement. Emotions like Encouragement, as captured in the text “Apply for a free-for-life credit card,” helped motivate customers to click through to the next step.
  • Numbers work better than bullets. Customers preferred to see the cards’ benefits framed as a numbered, rather than a bulleted, list.
Emirates NBD Enables Predictive Campaign Generation with Persado’s AI-Generated Content Platform

Download the case study to learn even more about how Emirates NBD use AI for predictive content and increased leads by 171%.


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