15th Jun, 2022

How Ally Financial Leveraged Persado to Drive B2C Growth

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Ally Financial partnered with Persado, the only motivation AI platform that enables personalized communications at scale, to capture cross-selling opportunities within its growing consumer finance business. 57% increase in new Ally Invest accounts above what was achieved by Ally’s original message.


During its first two decades as a digital-only financial institution, Ally largely focused on growing its brand and acquiring new retail banking customers. More recently, the firm has adopted cross-selling and deepening relationships as one of the six key initiatives for the CEO.

In late 2020, the Ally CRM & Market Analytics team began a pilot with Persado to understand the impact of motivation AI for generating language for cross-selling campaigns. The pilot campaigns produced at least 25% and as much as 58% improvement in customer engagement above what Ally would have achieved with its control message, leading to a formal contract. Since 2021, Persado has helped Ally:

  • Achieve a 57% increase in new Ally Invest accounts
  • Leverage Motivation AI to identify the language, images and formatting that motivate customers to take action

Download the case study to learn more about how Ally has leveraged Persado to deepen and expand customer relationships.


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