30th Mar, 2022

How Michaels Transformed Its Personalization Strategy: Unlocking Greater Loyalty & Engagement

Michaels logo for customer story


Michaels recognized a need for personalized campaigns in order to build more meaningful relationships at scale. SMS, Facebook, and email are the channels Michaels wished to amplify, creating more authentic relationships with Makers.


Michaels knew it needed to expand its personalization strategy across channels and streamline its communication to individual Makers. This task was humanly impossible to manage because Michaels wanted to personalize each individual’s experience and connect with its Makers in a more authentic, helpful way. To do this efficiently, they chose to bring in AI as a partner. This technology enabled Michaels to create personalized experiences for their Makers at scale.

Michaels Uses Persado to:

  • Advance email personalization from 20% of campaigns to 95% of campaigns.
  • Increase engagement and loyalty by amplifying CTR to 41% in SMS campaigns.
  • Lift engagement and loyalty by increasing email campaign CTR by 25%.

Download the case study to learn more about how Michaels used Persado to unlock greater loyalty and engagement.


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