21st Dec, 2020

Vodafone Raised Conversions +42% with AI-Driven Personalization

Vodafone Italy logo for customer story


Since 2012, Vodafone has used Persado’s AI to gain customer insights, machine-generate marketing creative, and optimize more than 2,000 campaigns.

Telecom customers are generally dissatisfied, craving digital experiences that are highly personal and friction-free. Vodafone, an Italy-based telecom leader, wants to satisfy those cravings to increase customer conversions, retention, and lifetime value.

Mobile push notifications and SMS are primary growth engines for Vodafone. When words fall flat, Vodafone loses business. With that in mind, Vodafone partnered with Persado to generate messages that can win back former customers and keep current ones satisfied and spending.


Starting with messaging crafted by Vodafone’s creative team, Persado breaks down and categorizes messages by components and identifies the specific words, phrases, and emotions that engage customers and convert visitors.

One experiment found that content that conveys emotions of Intimacy, Excitement, Achievement, and Safety converted 63% more than control content, which conveyed Exclusivity and Safety.

Vodafone used Persado to Raise Conversions case study

Download the case study to learn how Vodafone Italy raised conversions +42% by developing creative in a radically new way.


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