15th Nov, 2022

2023 Predictions on Generative AI in the Enterprise

By Jenna Npgroup

2023 Predictions on Generative AI in the Enterprise webinar

Ten percent of enterprise employees will generate content with AI in 2023—that is just one of the predictions that Forrester analyst Rowan Curran is making about the role of Generative AI in 2023.

To learn more, join Persado VP Vipul Vyas for a conversation with guest speaker Rowan about the current state of Generative AI, how it is evolving into an enterprise-grade resource working alongside human workers, and the adaptations organizations will have to make to fully benefit from it–-all with an eye on enterprise language as a primary output.

AI enthusiasts, digital marketers, and marketing technologists will learn:

  • Forrester’s predictions on the state of generative AI in 2023
  • The opportunities and challenges that arise with large language models
  • The different use cases of generative AI focused on language and their potential impact

Register now to join guest speaker Forrester Analyst Rowan Curran, moderated by Persado VP Vipul Vyas, on November 30th at 11 am EST.


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