The AI language generation platform that drives significant revenue lift.

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How do you motivate customers to engage?

The Persado Motivation AI Platform leverages a vast language knowledgebase, advanced AI and machine learning, and a decisioning engine to deliver the precise language that motivates every individual to engage and act, driving unprecedented revenue lift.

Persado Motivation AI Platform

The Persado Motivation AI Platform interprets the intent of a message, uses AI and machine learning models, and together with an unparalleled decision engine, generates the precise language that motivates each individual to engage and act.

Leveraging patented algorithms, the platform learns consumer response patterns and continues to refine language, delivering hyper-personalization at scale for elevated performance.

Experience revenue lift across every channel.

  • Motivate your customers across the lifecycle, from acquisition to customer service interactions
  • Increase retention to drive customer loyalty
  • Personalize messages across every channel: web, mobile, social, and email

Motivate action with hyper-personalization.

  • Generate motivating language for each individual using predictive AI
  • Leverage creative first-party data to scale language personalization
  • Hyper-personalize across any channel and at every customer touchpoint

View analytics on the impact of every word.

  • See detailed metrics on target audience response and the impact of every word
  • Understand what language and narratives motivate your customers to interact through multi-dimensional analytics

Integrate seamlessly with existing stack.

  • Elevate your technologies and streamline end-to-end execution of content generation, delivery, and analysis
  • Integrate with existing infrastructure and work streams
  • See results in just days

The Motivation AI Platform for Language Generation

Determine what motivates customers to act.

The world’s largest customer motivation knowledgebase determines message intent, emotional context, and motivation by leveraging:

  • A vast dataset of 1.2B consumers with 100B interactions annually interprets the structure and impact of messages
  • The equivalence of 645 years of A/B tests to measure and refine motivation-focused language, emotional response, and engagement
  • 15M+ proven performance messages growing 20% annually to keep a constant pulse on consumer behavior
customer motivation knowledge base
Predictive Content

Generate motivating messages with predictive content.

Inspire engagement and response through patented deep-learning, narrow AI that can predict and generate the messages that motivate action:

  • Benefit from powerful deep learning transformer models trained on more than $15 billion of enterprise marketing communications to ensure high-performing messages
  • Integrate with your custom language model for brand voice alignment
  • Convert ideas into new messages with keyword-based language generation
  • Evolve messages with cloud analytic orchestration

Advanced decisioning engine and machine learning experimentation for the highest conversion rates.

Determine the messages that drive the highest levels of engagement and conversion through advanced decisioning and machine learning experimentation:

  • Uncover the nuanced narratives that resonate with your customers in specific scenarios across the entire journey
  • Scale learnings through automated experiments that can be applied broadly across campaigns
  • Optimize the messages each customer receives with powerful set-and-forget adaptive technology
Advanced Decisioning Engine

Integrates seamlessly into your communications workflow.

Whether you’re a channel owner, campaign manager, copywriter, or brand strategist, our enterprise platform fits seamlessly into your existing workflow. Add a strategic layer to the communications you send to consumers, request content creation, leverage new campaign ideas, explore deep-learning insights, and collaborate on approvals with your team.

Persado Enterprise Class Capabilities

Enterprise-ready security, privacy, and compliance.

Comprehensive enterprise-class data protection and security to ensure secure data access across and within cloud environments. Data privacy and compliance ensured with certifications and attestations for GDPR, ISO, CCPA, and SOC compliance.

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Deployment within and across the Cloud.

Persado easily integrates into existing marketing environments and processes. Persado supports private, public, and multi-cloud deployments with a platform that easily deploys and scales.

Enterprise services for AI enablement.

Persado provides professional services to enable you to augment your team, fine-tune results, and scale the benefits of an AI platform across every customer touch point.

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