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31st Jan, 2022

AI Powered Language is Fueling Customer Engagement According to Persado and Coresight Research

NEW YORK – January 31, 2022 – Persado, the AI content generation and decisioning platform that delivers outsized value at scale to Fortune 500 companies, and Coresight Research today announced the results of their survey: AI-Powered Language: A New Era of Enhanced Customer Engagement.

The survey underscores  the growing importance that senior-level executives are placing on AI-enabled marketing technologies to generate engaging creative content, personalize customer experiences, and improve the ways businesses leverage first-party data to gain meaningful insights without sacrificing customer privacy. Key findings from the survey include: 

  • Natural Language Generation (NLG) will continue to grow in prominence for marketers. NLG is a key AI-driven technology in creative content generation and was cited by survey respondents as one of the top five most significant ways to leverage AI in digital marketing. Additionally,  78.3% of respondents hold AI accountable for creative development and execution—meaning that marketers can finally track the impact of words and phrases when using AI generated content.
  • Personalized content remains critical for customer engagement, with more marketers relying on AI to create their offerings. Organizations across multiple industries are experimenting with a combination of AI-driven technologies to generate personalized content for customers. The survey found that 74.5% of respondents agree or strongly agree that using AI helps organizations manage challenges related to offering personalized customer experiences, with more than half of all respondents (53.9%) currently using AI or ML to offer a personalized experience to customers. Only 6.7% do not leverage or plan to leverage these advanced technologies. 
  • A shifting customer privacy landscape necessitates a renewed focus on first-party data. Marketers typically have a high reliance on third-party data, but changes to privacy laws in the United States and the European Union are and will continue to fundamentally change how organizations are able to interact with their customers. The survey found that 78.2% of respondents cited the efficient use of first-party data as very or extremely important for AI in digital marketing, and 86.1% of respondents are already using first-party data for marketing purposes. 
  • Advanced digital technologies will play an increasing role in driving revenue. Organizations are realizing the benefits of using AI to generate creative content and deliver personalization at scale, with 78.2% of respondents citing that advanced technologies in digital marketing are very or extremely important for improving the customer experience.

“The survey results clearly point to the coming renaissance for the Marketing community, with AI as the catalyst,” said Amy Heidersbach, Chief Marketing Officer at Persado. “Brands now have the ability to understand and predict their customers’ language preferences real-time, and then deliver AI-generated messages that are more authentic and engaging. Communications and content as we know it are about to change forever, with language personalization at scale becoming the new normal for marketers.” 

“As retailers and brands move away from the use of third-party cookies, AI-powered language will play a critical role across digital marketing activities over the coming years,” says Deborah Weinswig, CEO at Coresight Research. “ Our report highlights how using first-party data to drive personalized language and content will be essential for marketers’ future success.”  

Read the full report here

Survey Methodology 

The study is based on the analysis of data from an online survey of 165 executives conducted by Coresight Research in November 2021. We selected respondents based on the following criteria:

  • Based in the US.
  • Holding senior positions (C-suite, presidents, directors, department heads).
  • Company operates across multiple industries (CPG, retail, manufacturing, professional services, wholesale and other industries).
  • Company currently invests in digital marketing or plans to invest in the next three years. 
  • Company currently uses advanced technologies such as AI, ML or deep learning in digital marketing, or plans to do so in the next three years. 

About Persado:

Persado is the AI content generation and decisioning platform that unlocks billions in incremental revenue for data-driven enterprises. Leading brands including J.P. Morgan Chase, Humana, American Express, and Verizon rely on Persado to realize the untapped potential in every message.  Words matter. And when they are mapped to human emotion, generated by the Persado AI, and powered by machine learning, organizations reach a tipping point in their ability to understand the customer and personalize language experiences across touchpoints and channels—creating a continuous ability to learn, gain further customer insights, and drive ever higher performance. Visit to learn more. 

About Coresight Research:

Coresight Research is a research and advisory firm specializing in retail and technology. Established in 2018 by leading global retail analyst Deborah Weinswig, the firm is headquartered in New York, with offices in London, Lagos, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Mangalore (India). The firm provides data-driven analysis and strategic advisory to clients including retailers, brands, enterprise technology companies, accelerators and more. In addition to being renowned for its breadth and depth of research, Coresight Research is known for its expertise in the China market, helping clients with market entry and cross-border e-commerce strategies. Coresight Research is also known for its Innovator Intelligence platform, consisting of a vast network of technology entrepreneurs that it actively cultivates through events, mentorship, and regularly updated report coverage. For more information, visit


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