Maximize the value of your CDP with Persado.


Activate your customer data.

You’ve already invested in a CDP to help you bring your customer data together. But now it’s time for the next step: activate that data and improve how you engage customers to deliver excellent experiences.

The Persado Motivation AI Platform activates the data in your CDP to connect the individuals and segments you serve with the language and messages that best resonate with them. Persado messages produce an average 41% uplift in engagement above a brand’s average performance for every message delivered.

Leverage a new form of first-party data with Language Profiles.

The third-party data that populates a CDP is changing, becoming less abundant and less reliable than before. Brands are under pressure to fill their CDPs with first-party data that is unique to them and they can depend on. Persado helps with a new type of language-based first party data called “Language Profiles”, based not on demographics or psychographics, but on what in your messaging and creative inspires customers to engage.

Inspire customers to action with AI-generated content.

Every aspect of language is important when you need to speak to customers. The Persado Motivation AI platform maps language to human emotions, breaking down every aspect of messaging and creative, from content, to formatting, descriptions, CTAs, and more, to find the words that resonate with each segment and language profile, uncovering new insights and new ways to inspire customer engagement.

Customer Data + Language Profiles = More Actions

Using a CDP, brands can dynamically identify segments of high value or high potential customers, and then leverage Persado to generate personalized messaging for each segment to deliver across all channels (email, web, IVR, SMS, push, paid media) at scale. The result is continuous delivery of high-quality, relevant, and responsive content to motivate a specific action. Brands that leverage these personalized messages drive new customer acquisitions, upsell, retention, or customer service through promotions or coupons, loyalty sign ups and upgrades, tailored customer support, and more.

The Power of Language in Practice

A leading retailer knew they needed to build on their CDP. They used Persado to increase their marketable customer base by 15% by delivering tailored content, messaging, offers, and news, to produce a 10% increase in marketing-driven revenue in 2020.


increase in marketable customer base


increase in marketing-driven revenue

Brands must make customer data the lifeblood of personalization, and Persado’s strength lies in helping marketers determine how to engage consumers to take action. Its AI-driven personalization technology combined with our first-party data customer insights, finally allows marketers to connect with their customers with more authenticity and humanity.

Kabir Shahani

CEO , Amperity

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