Optimize the impact of every digital interaction.

An enterprise Generative AI custom-built to produce language that motivates customers to act—Motivation AI.

Unlock millions in revenue through higher customer engagement.

Persado Motivation AI is custom trained on enterprise language to recognize what you want to achieve with a given message and generate alternatives that produce better outcomes 96% of the time. Through five key capabilities, including our motivation-aware knowledge base, AI-generated messages that motivate, automated experimental design, personalization at scale, and integrations, Persado helps drive higher engagement, and more revenue.

Leverage personalized language at every touchpoint.

Customers today expect personalized experiences, but most brands limit personalization to certain offers or touchpoints. Motivation AI personalizes language at scale for every touchpoint to deliver what feels like a 1:1 customer experience across the entire buyer’s journey.

I’m super passionate about this. CMOs need to skill up in AI and tech if they’re going to drive growth. Our partnership with ⁦Persado⁩ is a big one to help make marketing smarter AND more customer-focused.

Kristin Lemkau

CEO, Wealth Management, JPMorgan Chase

Persado takes something that people thought was all art – messaging and content – and provides a scientific, data-driven, test and learn element that Marketers can really sink their teeth into.

Noam Paransky

Chief Digital Officer, Tapestry Inc, parent of Coach, Kate Spade, Stuart Weizman

It’s incredible to see how far we’ve come with Persado AI on this personalisation journey and it feels like we’re just getting started. As we undergo a massive digital transformation as a business, we believe that partnering with companies like Persado will lead to a truly sustainable transformation—one that allows us to thrive for at least another 130 years.

Alex Williams

Head of Growth and Personalisation, Marks & Spencer

Persado’s AI platform generated language across multiple channels and languages, driving results while pinpointing which elements improved ad performance and customer engagement. Persado enabled our team to deliver results at scale through effective and efficient machine learning experimentation.

Fortune 20 Technology Company

A Generative AI that understands intent.

There is simply no way for humans alone to generate language that optimizes engagement across all digital campaigns and channels. The infinite possibilities make it impossible. The Persado Motivation AI combines the power of human and AI to deliver more effective language that drives engagement and value.

Your brand voice, spoken by an AI.

The Persado knowledge base is the world’s largest specialized language model for enterprise communications. In it, we’ve mapped language to the human emotions and stories that define how humans connect with each other and with the brands they love. We then custom-train it for every brand we work with. It’s like building an AI that speaks in your unique brand voice and knows your products so that every customer interaction achieves maximum impact.

Feel confident using a Generative AI designed for enterprise scale.

As an established provider with more than 10 years in business, Persado serves some of the largest retail, financial services, transportation & hospitality, technology, and telecom businesses in the world. Our platform integrations and human-augmented workflow ensure fast delivery of reliable, enterprise-grade security and compliance, for market-ready AI-generated content, every time.

Persado leverages AI to achieve both efficiency and effectiveness gains. In combination, these gains are transformative and let enterprises achieve truly better, faster, cheaper results. Campaigns can be created more quickly and with greater certainty of improved performance.

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