Optimize the impact of every digital interaction.

An enterprise Generative AI custom-built to produce language that motivates customers to act—Motivation AI.

The top industry leader in Generative AI Text Content Generation, according to CB Insights

After an in-depth market analysis by CB Insights, Persado earned a Scorecard of 9.8/10, the highest score across the Generative AI Text Content Generation landscape. Persado achieved a score almost one point higher than the closest industry peer. Persado’s unique language generation and experimentation methods to determine the most effective elements of language for optimal performance is cited for Persado’s leading position.

Unlock millions in revenue through higher customer engagement.

Persado Motivation AI is custom trained on enterprise language to recognize what you want to achieve with a given message and generate alternatives that produce better outcomes 96% of the time. Through five key capabilities, including our motivation-aware knowledge base, AI-generated messages that motivate, automated experimental design, personalization at scale, and integrations, Persado helps drive higher engagement, and more revenue.

AI-generated messaging that’s always on brand.

The Motivation AI knowledge base is the world’s largest specialized language model for enterprise communications. Enterprise teams can seamlessly add keyword prompts and words that support their brand guidelines and campaign goals so that outputs are aligned with their brand voice. Persado digital messaging is always on brand even within the strictest brand guidelines and the most regulated industries.

A Generative AI that
understands intent.

There is simply no way for humans alone to generate language that optimizes engagement across all digital campaigns and channels. The infinite possibilities make it impossible. The Persado Motivation AI combines the power of human and AI to deliver a more effective language that drives engagement and value.

Enterprise Generative AI provides continuous learning and actionable insights.

Persado Motivation AI is built from over a decade of real-world performance-based language testing that continues to learn and update. Some of the world’s biggest brands use Persado insights to scale and improve their brand messaging across all digital channels.

Works seamlessly across martech stacks, teams, and industries.

Persado integrates directly with other martech tools so brands can seamlessly push out the highest-performing messaging to web, email, marketing platforms, and more. Customers can also share marketing language internally for approval directly in the platform.

Feel confident using a Generative AI designed for enterprise scale and security.

As an established provider with more than 10 years in business, The solution easily integrates with martech stacks, including Google and Adobe Analytics, ESPs, and more.

Persado leverages enterprise Generative AI to achieve both efficiency and effectiveness gains.

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