03rd Feb, 2022

A New Survey Explores Executive Attitudes About Language AI


new survey explores executive attitudes about language AI

new survey explores executive attitudes about language AI

Forty-one percent of U.S. based respondents view content generation as one of the top three most significant uses of AI in digital marketing, according to a new survey by Coresight Research.

The survey asked 165 U.S.-based executives about their use of advanced technologies for digital marketing. More than 70% say they are either already using AI to generate content or plan to within the next year. Companies already benefiting from language AI include the German banking leader Commerzbank, the U.S.-based financial giant JP Morgan Chase, and The Washington Post.

Language AI powers content, personalization and use of first-party data

In the current business climate, notable for both rapid digital growth in a context of heightened privacy expectations, there is more pressure on business executives to deliver growth while respecting the customer’s personal boundaries. Customers, for their part, want relevant experiences, without having their private data distributed to third-parties they don’t know. AI could help balance these seemingly contradictory imperatives. Three quarters of respondents agree that AI helps manage the challenges of delivering personalized experiences. More than half are already using it for that purpose.

And as marketers see the end of third-party cookies and other customer tracking technologies, first-party data that companies collect themselves and own about their customer becomes more important. Eighty-six percent of respondents are already using it for strategic activities such as driving online sales, providing the right information when customers need it, and to build brand recognition, to name just a few.

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