Send the message that policyholders are protected.

The right language can help consumers choose the right policy and drive new levels of success for your business. Use Motivation AI to identify the language that will lead to more policies, less churn, and on-time payments.

Optimize Acquisition.

Generate more leads from digital quote pages by using words that engage prospects. Clear, concise language that motivates makes it easier for customers to find the right plan for their needs.

17% increase in policies

A leading auto insurer pinpointed the most powerful messaging on their plan coverage and pricing web page.

Smooth the onboarding process.

Persado’s personalized, AI-generated language effectively communicates easy and intuitive processes for activating a policy and learning about its features.

100% engagement lift

A property and casualty insurer doubled app downloads with an effective account activation email.

Improve customer loyalty.

Clear, personalized, and engaging communication is fundamental to establishing trust and building loyalty. Meet customers on their level with messaging that makes them feel confident in the coverage they’ve selected and the services they receive.

66% increase in average rates

A large property and casualty insurer increased the number of “umbrella” policies it sold, leading to an increase in the average lifetime value of auto policyholders.

Streamline billing and payments.

Discover the language needed to successfully promote services like autopay and self-service payments. Send reminders to policyholders about the importance of making on-time payments to ensure there is never a lapse in their coverage.

16% increase in policies

An auto insurer used an IVR script to encourage customers to get up to date on policies that had lapsed due to nonpayment.

Take the stress out of servicing.

No customer wants to use their insurance policy, but when they do, engage them in the process with appropriate, personalized communication that continues to build trust and loyalty.

$600K call center cost reduction

A property and casualty insurer found the right words for its IVR prompt and steered customers to resolve their issue using a self-service portal.

Accelerate revenue growth with Generative AI for Financial Services.

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