Persado Partners:
Stronger Together

Our partnerships equip marketing technology and service providers with the only enterprise Generative AI solutions proven to increase conversions and ROI throughout the digital customer journey.

Explore a partnership

Service providers

Enable clients to achieve their business goals through Generative AI designed for optimal campaign results. You collect the managed service revenue while we provide hands-on training.

Integrations and technology partners

Persado Motivation AI is integrated with 40+ enterprise martech solutions. Mutual customers can instantly generate AI-optimized messaging and seamlessly bring it to market.

Scale together: The perks of partnership

Performance driven technology

Wow clients with a Generative AI solution built for speed, scalability, and conversions.

Co-marketing opportunities

Raise your profile and generate leads by collaborating with Persado on events, webinars, thought leadership, and more.


Your customers can bring AI-optimized content into the market and achieve better results with less time and effort through 40+ integrations.

Risk-free trial and flexible billing

Clients can experience the impact of Persado Motivation AI risk free. After the trial, we offer flexible billing solutions.

Persado Motivation AI: The industry leader in Generative AI text content generation

Persado Motivation AI is an enterprise Generative AI solution built on 10+ years of performance insights from Fortune 500 campaigns. Unlike other large language models (LLMs) that pull data from the internet without taking performance into account, Persado uses advanced machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and deep learning transformer models to instantly create digital marketing messaging proven to drive conversions (and revenue) across every stage of the customer journey. With Persado, enterprise brands gain both content efficiency and effectiveness from a GenAI solution – while maintaining their brand voice and adhering to compliance standards.

Interested in a partnership? Let’s get started

Persado works with enterprise brands across retail, travel, financial services, and more with a minimum of $25 million in annual online sales. If that sounds like the brands you work with, let’s explore a partnership. Contact [email protected] or fill out the form to get started.

  • Persado’s top 30 customers have achieved $1.8B in incremental revenue.
  • The only full stack GenAI platform with a specialized LLM for marketing that delivers enterprise outcomes, not just output.
  • Compliant with the security standards of the most regulated industries.

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