Speak to your customer as if you know them personally.

From acquisition and onboarding to retention, pre-collections and customer service, language influences how customers engage with your brand. The Persado Motivation AI Platform leverages insights about customer engagement with language and uses it to generalize personalized content to motivate action across all channels and customer journey stages.


Generative AI for the online cart.

Online cart abandonment rates are over 70% on average. Dynamic Motivation takes the online cart from static to dynamic using your sessions data and Generative AI to deliver personalized messaging in real-time based on multiple data points including browsing behavior, purchase history, and more. So customers receive exactly the right messaging to inspire them to complete their purchase at the most pivotal time. Enterprise brands across retail and travel using Dynamic Motivation can expect 10-25x ROI within a matter of weeks, often days.


The right language cuts through the noise.

Clients rely on Persado to drive higher impact from customer acquisition campaigns, using messages that motivate customers to engage and act. With Persado Motivation AI, language can be leveraged to transform prospects into customers.


Persado delivers higher-performing content more than 95% of the time.

96% of Persado content delivers better performance than the brand’s best alternative message. When clients leverage the Persado Motivation AI Platform to create content, messages result in more customer actions, including purchases, digital self-service enrollments, and more auto-pay sign ups.


Drive loyalty from day one.

Engaging customers in the first 90 days is critical to drive lifetime value in any industry. Clear instructions, helpful information, and positive user experiences all come from using clear, helpful language. Persado helps you provide customers with resources now to prevent frustrated service needs in the future.

  • Provide loyalty-building customer experiences from the get-go
  • Prevent future service needs
  • Promote sticky channels to lock in engagement

Cultivate loyalty.

In a world with infinite options, customer renewals, upgrades, and new purchases aren’t guaranteed. But with the motivating language, you can keep customers focused on your product and value proposition, deepening relationships and increasing lifetime value.

  • Design seamless renewal experiences
  • Lock in customers with desirable upgrades
  • Leverage loyalty programs and rewards to show appreciation

Persado is changing the game by actually creating that content and deciphering which content is going to resonate with which type of customer algorithmically.

Brandon Purcell

Research Analyst, Forrester


Motivate more payments and fewer delinquencies.

Precise language gives businesses a powerful tool to help customers stay up to date with their payments. Successful interventions begin with at-risk customers before they miss a payment. Keep customers out of collections by promoting services like autopay, self-service payment channels, due date selection, and payment plans.

  • Provide clear instructions
  • Give details such as due dates and balances
  • Communicate urgency with encouragement

AI enables exceptional customer service.

The right language produces better service by encouraging customers to follow self-service prompts, set alerts, and use sticky channels that drive loyalty. With the Persado Motivation AI Platform, customer service leaders produce faster and more satisfying solutions the first time.

  • Prevent calls before they happen
  • Deflect issues to digital self-service channels
  • Equip human agents to deliver high-quality service

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