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Deliver unsurpassed campaign results by partnering with Persado. Our motivation-aware language knowledge base generates performance-driven, personalized language that elicits higher click and conversion rates.

Proven Results for Your Customers with Persado Motivation AI Technology

Persado Motivation AI is an enterprise GenAI solution that generates marketing messaging proven to drive conversions and increase revenue across digital channels. While other Generative AI solutions can provide speed and scalability, they don’t take campaign performance into account.

Persado instantly creates the highest-performing language options unique to a customer’s brand and campaign goals, using a proprietary knowledge base trained on over a decade of real customer interactions. By partnering with Persado, you’ll help clients meet their business goals through Generative AI designed for optimal campaign performance.

The perks of partnering with Persado

Performance-driven technology

Performance-driven technology 

Persado Motivation AI has been trained on over 10 years of insights from in-market Fortune 500 digital marketing campaigns. Persado AI-generated messaging creates on-brand language using brand guidelines while generating copy that is proven to drive conversions (i.e. sales, bookings, completed applications, etc.). Persado integrates with most martech platforms, including Adobe, Salesforce, and Klaviyo, to seamlessly push copy into the market.

New managed service revenue opportunities

Brands look to service providers to manage top Generative AI content strategies and solutions. By partnering with Persado, you can offer managed services around a GenAI solution proven to drive conversions for the world’s biggest brands. Certified service partners will also have access to Persado qualified leads.

New managed service revenue opportunities
Hands-on training

Hands-on training

Learn the ins and outs of the Motivation AI self-service platform and become a certified services partner. Persado provides extensive training for service partners looking to implement Motivation AI for their customers. Service partners can operate Persado on behalf of their customers through the Persado self-service platform or build upon Persado’s flexible APIs.

Partners have access to all of the educational materials on Persado Academy and the Knowledge Library to help you get up to speed on our products and processes. Once we’re working together, we’ll update your Academy experience with even more resources specific to your relationship with us.

Ongoing support

Persado’s service provider partners receive ongoing support from the Persado team. You’ll have a direct line to top industry experts and data scientists to help optimize clients’ campaigns, answer questions, and more.

Ongoing support
Co-marketing and events

Co-marketing and events

Join the party! Persado regularly co-hosts webinars, events, podcasts, and more attended by marketing and e-commerce leaders from global brands. We welcome the opportunity to team up together. You can also collaborate with our content team on thought leadership.


Which agencies and service providers are eligible?

Persado works with enterprise brands across retail, travel, financial services, and more with a minimum of $25 million in annual online sales. If this sounds like your clients, complete the form below to inquire about a partnership.

What is expected of your service provider partners?

Every partnership is unique depending on opportunities and goals. Generally, our service provider partners collaborate with Persado on co-marketing and thought leadership, and make mutual introductions to clients when it makes sense.

Do service provider partners need to be Persado customers in order to use Persado on behalf of their clients?

No. While some service providers do choose to contract with Persado on behalf of their customers, others simply refer their customers to Persado.

Does Persado have flexible billing options?

Yes, Persado offers risk-free product trials. Once a trial has concluded, Persado offers flexible billing options to choose from including month-to-month plans.

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