Leading brands experience significant growth with Persado.

The Persado Motivation AI Platform drives significant revenue lift across marketing channels.

Persado drives impact across every industry.


Vanguard boosts conversion rates by 15% by trusting AI to strengthen client messaging.

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer sees conversion uplift as high as 34% by personalizing across channels.

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“Add to Bag”—E-commerce Growth Lessons from Leaders at Tapestry

Real-time website personalization drives more conversions.

The second largest bank in France, the Crédit Agricole Group serves retail customers through local institutions. Seeing a need to boost email campaign performance for its local institutions, the firm leveraged the Persado Motivation AI to generate and experiment with language. Upon seeing the results, the relationship expanded to other channels, including social. Hear from Chief Data Officer Aldrick Zappellini about the relationship and his plans for a future of omnichannel hyper-personalization.


JPMorgan Chase sees as high as 450% lift in CTRs on marketing messages for Card and Mortgage.

Lending Club

A Transformative Year: Lending Club’s Digital Marketplace Bank.


Carrefour embraces language personalization to drive its e-commerce transformation

Babbel uses AI to provide relevant, personalized experience for customers to achieve revenue targets.

Babbel is a German subscription-based language learning app and e-learning platform. Babbel’s goal is to provide a relevant, personalized experience for each of their customers but they needed a more scientific approach to understand what content resonated with customers.

In 2019, Babbel partnered with Persado to quickly and efficiently identify which content performed the best for each language. Their results were impressive—doubling performance against the control version in multiple campaigns, achieving a 21% uplift in conversions in email and push notifications campaigns, and obtaining a 4x return on their investment.


Vodafone elevates conversion rates and customer response by more than 42% with AI-driven personalization.


The SoFi marketing team is enhancing customer engagement with personalized, AI-driven content amid credit tightening and high inflation.

Emirates NBD

Emirates NBD increases leads and customer engagement by 171%.

How Orange increased conversions with the Persado Motivation AI Platform.

Orange is France’s leading mobile and internet operator and one of the Top 10 largest Telcos in the World.

Orange’s marketing team used Persado’s artificial intelligence platform to pinpoint the most effective word choices for the messages it wanted to convey. Xavier Gourlin said Persado delivered better direct response results, including conversions, compared with Orange’s control messages. Customers engaged more with the content because the company used more effective language, which led to fuller product order pipelines.

M&S Award Badge

Marks & Spencer

M&S won Best E-Commerce Web Element for using Dynamic Motivation to increase customer engagement and online cart conversions.



2023 Tearsheet’s Acquire Awards: SoFi wins best content series using Motivation AI

Retail Innovator

Marks & Spencer

Retail Innovator Awards: Marks & Spencer recognized for personalization at scale.

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