What is Motivation AI?

Motivation AI refers to the capability of a machine to identify, leverage, and make use of language and related elements to emotionally engage individuals and activate behavior.

Language is the fuel we use to empower desires, emotionally engage with others, and motivate people. The power of language is credited as one of the greatest achievements of humankind.

In a world dominated by digital communications and social media, customers expect brand language to be brief, clear, and engaging. More than that, they expect it to be hyper-personalized to motivate them to engage.

The Persado Motivation AI Platform applies AI to generate specialized language, decisioning models, and personalization to “speak” to each customer or prospect as if the brand knows the individual and what motivates and inspires them. It’s like having a shopping assistant dedicated to the needs of each individual.

Language capable of producing this level of impact can only be achieved with AI. The Persado Motivation AI centers on five key capabilities:

  1. Motivation-aware data architecture and knowledgebase
    Motivation AI leverages specialized data and insights to generate appropriate and customer-relevant content that speaks consistently in your brand’s voice to motivate your audience. To achieve those results, it starts with relevant, specialized data that has been organized, tagged, and structured to enable algorithms to tap into the knowledge and insights embedded within it. This knowledgebase is always learning. As a given brand works with it, the AI improves at generating messages that reflect its unique branding approach.
  2. Machine learning and deep learning models that understand messages and generate variants designed to motivate customers
    The Motivation AI knowledgebase works in tandem with dedicated machine learning and deep learning models that have been trained specifically to read, write, and produce brand- and business-specific messages. The result is market-ready content statistically likely to produce high performance.
  3. Automated experimental design and decisioning engine
    A myriad of factors affect customer motivations at any given moment, and those motivations change over time and with shifts in context. The key to ensuring that your brand is delivering messages primed to motivate on a personal level is experimentation to compare the performance of as many as 16 or as few as two or three variants to assess real-world performance and pick the best option.
  4. Hyper-personalization at scale
    Through experiments, Motivation AI captures language insights about individual customers based on how they react to different variants. Over time, the data can build up into a Language Profile—a source of first-party data identifying the language elements that most effectively motivate specific customers. Capturing and acting on this new type of first-type data allows brands to consistently speak to individuals as if they knew them personally.
  5. Integrations and processes for fast time to value
    Motivation AI utilizes pre-built integrations to plug into an organization’s existing marketing technology stack. These connections allow seamless communication between your brand’s marketing solutions and the Motivation AI to streamline development and delivery of motivation-optimized messages and to capture campaign performance results. The impact is faster time-to-value and more return from existing martech investments—such as a customer data platform, an email serving platform, web campaign platform, and others.

Motivation AI is transformational. And with its impact on conversion rates and revenue growth, it has proven to be a high-returning investment across industries and company sizes.

The average conversion lift of more than 40% reflects the true response that hyper-personalized communications receive from motivated recipients across programs, channels, and audience sizes.

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