14th Jan, 2022

AI-Generated Language Drives ROI from your CDP


executive exploring AI-generated content

Two-thirds of respondents to the Gartner 2020 Marketing Technology Survey say they face challenges leveraging customer data to drive digital marketing results. The pressure is on to change that, as businesses ramp up their 2022 growth expectations and look to the CMO to deliver it

Personalized experiences are high on the list of potential growth drivers, given that 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that make relevant offers. One underused approach to doing that is to marry customer data with the power of AI content generation and predictive decisioning in order to increase marketing-driven growth.

Customer Data Platforms (CDP): A key investment  

A CDP creates the foundation for enterprises to create relevant, personalized, omnichannel experiences by unifying a company’s customer data in one place for more efficient segmentation and modeling. The data in a CDP comes from all the disparate systems and channels your organization uses. But a CDP alone can’t produce value with that customer data. Business leaders need to activate it to unlock value. Data activation involves mining the CDP for insights into customer behavior that the business can use to identify, create, and deliver compelling experiences. Activating customer data is where Persado and AI come in. Persado’s content generation and decisioning AI identifies the language and messages that best resonate with the various customer segments captured in a CDP. Think of it as the “last mile” that converts the insights from your CDP into relevant experiences.

Persado + your CDP = better together

AI-generated content produces an average of 41% uplift in engagement above a brand’s standard performance for every message delivered. For firms that have a CDP, Persado achieves these results by identifying the narratives, words, and emotions that resonate with an organization’s key segments identified through customer data and leveraging AI to build associated Language Segments that house the specific messaging that resonates for each on different channels. Over time and through experimentation, Persado’s AI can tune in to how individual customers engage with messages. The result is a Persado Language Profile, a more granular customer data segmentation. Customer data plus Persado’s AI content generation and decisioning produces continuous delivery of high-quality, relevant, and responsive content to motivate a specific action. For example, in partnership with Amperity, a CDP platform provider, Persado helped a leading retailer achieve a 10% increase in revenue in 2020 by generating targeted content to high-potential segments identified by the CDP.

Activate your customer data with Persado

Business leaders don’t need to settle for disappointing or unrealized returns on customer data investments. By activating the holistic customer profiles housed in your CDP with the power of AI content generation and decision making, the business can deliver personalized customer experiences at scale for transformational growth. Words matter. And when they are powered by the Persado AI, organizations reach a tipping point in their ability to scale personalized language across touchpoints and channels — creating a continuous ability to produce higher performance. To learn more about how Persado can unlock value from customer data and your CDP, download our latest eBook: Persado is the killer app for your CDP.


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