February 10, 2022

Disrupting Cookies: Secrets to First-Party Data Strategies


Secrets to First-Party Data Strategies

Cookies are going away. There is no question about that, despite some waffling from Google on their timing and alternative approaches to targeted advertising. Proactive brands aren’t waiting to see what the tech giants come up with as an alternative. Instead, they are ramping up their efforts to engage customers on their terms and capture first-party customer data they can use to deliver relevant, personalized experiences.

But delivering value from it requires you to activate it – that is, that you use your data to uncover insights that can inform targeted campaigns. Persado’s AI content generation and decisioning technology offers an underutilized way to activate first-party data with language.

Creating messages with the stories and words that customers most engage with can deliver superior results for your most important campaigns. Just ask RappiPay – the Mexican fintech worked with Persado to promote a new credit card, increasing adoption by 179% above what the brand could achieve with its control message.

You don’t need to take our word for it. On February 23rd at Money2020, Hiram Valdez, head of strategy at RappiPay Mexico, will be talking about how his company is leveraging first-party language data and AI content generation to deliver more compelling customer experiences. Joining him to talk about the trends affecting financial institutions is guest speaker Alyson Clarke, a Principal Analyst at Forrester and a noted expert on financial services product development, brand and marketing.

Watch on-demand to learn how brands are taking control of their cookieless future.

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