August 11, 2023

Top 5 E-commerce Personalization Software Tools that Enhance the Digital Shopping Experience


e-commerce personalization software improves the customer experience

Today’s consumers love the convenience of shopping online 24/7. The introduction of two-day shipping has made the experience even better. Now, e-commerce personalization software makes online shopping more personalized. When physical stores were the only option, customers’ choices were limited to the inventory on the shelf. Now, consumers have access to more inventory and choices than ever. But that abundance of choice can also be a mixed blessing when consumers get overwhelmed. 

Brands that deliver a one-size-fits-all approach miss out on the potential to drive conversions with a  curated, personalized experience that consumers want. 

Customer-centric brands that use e-commerce personalization software to distinguish their offering are able to cut through the noise and deliver messaging and products that bring value and ease to the online shopping experience. Here, we break down the different types of e-commerce personalization software and what they offer both brands and the end customer. 

5 e-commerce personalization software tools of 2023-2024 

Many brands are in the market for e-commerce personalization software. The growing number of options can make it hard to choose the right tools for your business. It is easy for brand teams to feel as overwhelmed in the buying process as consumers might feel when scrolling through 1,000+ shirts on an e-commerce website. 

To help you get started, here are some high-impact solutions top brands use to make the e-commerce shopping experience feel like the brand actually knows the customer and is prepared to meet their needs. 

1. Persado Dynamic Motivation 

Overview: Online cart abandonment rates are over 70% on average. Persado Dynamic Motivation for the online cart is one of the leading cart abandonment tools that leans into personalization. It uses session data alongside Persado Motivation AI, a specialized class of Generative AI based on 10+ years of enterprise marketing messages, to deliver the highest-performing messaging in the online cart. While one customer might see “Amazing choices” another will see “You have great taste.” The messaging in the online cart is based on the customer’s browsing behavior, preferences, buying history, etc. So each customer will see language that inspires them to complete their purchase. 

E-commerce personalization software that personalizes the online cart to reduce cart abandonment

The online cart offers a critical opportunity along the customer journey for personalization, but most brands overlook it. Brands that use Dynamic Motivation in the online shopping cart to reduce cart abandonment before it happens see a potential 3-5% increase in e-commerce revenue.

Key features: 

  • Multichannel functionality for website and email 
  • Fast ROI and ROAS
  • Upgrades online cart from static to personalized and dynamic 
  • Free 60-day trial 


Overview: is a Digital Experience Management (DXM) platform trusted by over 150 enterprise retailers. The suite of tools uses AI and automation to help retailers drive revenue and reduce costs through personalized and curated e-commerce experiences. Using, retailers can organize data from various sources, tag products for seamless searchability, access quality product images, and more. Through its wide range of applications, streamlines inventory management and customizes the overall customer experience. 

E-commerce retailers use the product suite to automate and personalize outfit recommendations, subscription box curation, on-model imagery, and more. 

Key features: 

3. SheerID

Overview: SheerID enables brands to offer exclusive discounts on their e-commerce website to students, teachers, healthcare professionals, first responders, military members, and other groups with preferred status. While many brands proudly offer these discounts in stores, it’s difficult to know online who actually belongs to these groups. SheerID makes it easy for enterprise brands to verify these customers and offer gated discounts at scale. 

Verification occurs entirely on the website to reduce friction and eliminate the need to create an account. 

Key features: 

  • 20K+ authoritative data sources instantly verify a customer’s eligibility 
  • Build an exclusive offer directly in the e-commerce flow
  • Fraud protection 
  • Collect zero-party data 

4. Talon.One 

Overview: Talon.One is a loyalty and promotion engine that allows enterprise brands to create a loyalty program with engaging and automated incentives—and no code is needed to do so. Building a loyalty program in house can take much longer and requires a substantial technology investment. With Talon.One, brands can skip these steps and launch a full scale loyalty program quicker and with fewer internal resources.

Once the loyalty program is up and running, Talon.One can boost conversions with fully-automated and scalable coupons, referrals, and discounts personalized to the preferences of top customers. 

Key features: 

5. Jebbit 

Overview: Product quizzes help customers understand what products are best for them. They also help brands get to know their customers. Jebbit makes it simple for brands to create engaging quizzes, lookbooks, surveys, and other gamified experiences to better connect with audiences across channels. These enhanced customer experiences require no code. So they can easily be implemented and updated.

Brands can launch quizzes wherever their customers engage, including on partner/retailer sites, mobile apps, packaging, or social media platforms.

Key features: 

E-commerce retailers want to engage with customers and personalize the online shopping experience. Even the most advanced enterprise brands can’t do it alone. Technology automates personalized digital shopping experiences and makes them easier to implement. Each of these e-commerce personalization software products brings unique value to the online customer experience. It’s added value that drives customer purchases and loyalty. 

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