29th Apr, 2021

Emirates NBD Enables Predictive Campaign Generation With Persado’s Platform

Emirates NBD, one of the largest banks in the Middle East, engaged with Persado to learn which marketing elements engage its customers and leverage Persado’s AI platform to apply those insights automatically to future campaigns. The engagement allowed Emirates NBD to scale its digital marketing efforts and produce as much as a 171% increase in leads in any given campaign.

The challenge

Despite its status as a digital-first bank, Emirates NBD was unable to leverage digital data to predict which marketing campaigns would do well and why. That made it difficult for the bank to scale successful approaches and abandon unsuccessful ones. Emirates NBD sought an easy way to use data to:

  1. Increase lead generation with less effort
  2. Understand which creative elements affect campaign performance
  3. Personalize digital marketing communications at scale

The solution

Emirates NBD partnered with Persado to conduct experiments on its marketing creative, with the aim of eventually deploying what it learned through predictive content generation. The first 29 experiments Emirates NBD conducted with Persado focused heavily on Facebook ad content. The most successful of them drove as much as 171% more leads, while achieving an average 31% lower Cost Per Click and 39% lower Cost Per Lead.

The experiments also revealed the top emotions that consistently engaged Emirates NBD customers, including Encouragement, Safety, and Fascination. Emirates NBD is now using those insights across channels to ensure each message taps into the right emotions for the audience.

Persado Predictive Content accelerated speed-to-value

Based on data from the initial 29 experiments, Persado’s AI platform generated predictive content for new campaigns, removing the need for in-depth experimentation every time the company wanted to launch a new campaign. Predictive content significantly accelerates the time it takes to deploy the best message to the market. Emirates NBD also used predictive content when the audience was too small for an experiment and when offers were live for a very short period of time.

With Persado and Predictive Content, Emirates NBD was able to launch high-performing campaigns in a matter of days rather than weeks. The bank is now looking to scale the benefits across more channels, customers, and campaigns.

To read more about how Emirates NBD enabled predictive campaign generation, continue here.


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