February 27, 2019

How Happy Socks Wins Every Marketing Moment with Persado and Emarsys

Black Friday is no longer just about brick and mortar, nor is it just for U.S. brands. Leading international and fashion-forward brand Happy Socks wanted to capitalize on the digital and global flavor the most competitive marketing day of the year now boasts. Enter smart MarTech, math and science.

The Teammates

Happy Socks worked with both Persado, a revolutionary platform that generates digital creative using the power of AI and linguistic science, and Emarsys, known for its unmatched turnkey marketing solutions. The two platforms, which officially announced a strategic partnership Feb. 26, allowed Happy Socks to test and serve their marketing campaigns in minutes — a fraction of the time of a traditional setup. Through a seamless API, campaign results flowed into Persado, giving Happy Socks access to quantitative and qualitative analysis of the variables that impacted performance.  Using the platforms together is a cinch.

What Happened

Working with Persado’s innovative platform was a natural fit for the forward-thinking Happy Socks. Trying new things and standing out is part of the company’s DNA. The decision reaped dividends.


“This integration is incredibly exciting because both Persado’s and Emarsys’ technologies are critical for driving success. Emarsys gives us freedom to easily setup and test campaigns, and Persado helps us empower our messages by generating the perfect language to improve our content’s performance and relevancy,” Verschueren

“Today’s CMOs are bombarded with solutions claiming to drive ROI, so identifying the technologies and offerings that provide real value has become increasingly difficult. Marketing teams need products that intelligently achieve results and close the gap between goals and outcomes. Through this partnership, we are uniting our strengths in automation, AI-powered predictive insights and analysis to add mathematical certainty to the development of creative while eliminating burden. We are thrilled to work together to give marketers the confidence they deserve.” – Assaf Baciu Co-Founder & SVP of Product and Engineering, Persado

“CMOs are under more pressure than ever to provide the best possible experience for customers achieved only through true 1:1 personalization. They understand that poor attempts to tailor communications will turn their customers off and possibly irreparably damage the brand. However the level of individualization, at volume, that consumers demand has moved beyond human capability. Marketers rely on smart technology to automate personalized communications across channels and at scale.” – Dave Littlechild, Global Head of Partnerships & Alliances at Emarsys.

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