08th Mar, 2022

How Persado + Adobe Produced 134% Better Campaign Performance


How Persado + Adobe Produced 134% Better Campaign Performance

It’s no secret that integrations are one of the biggest factors that influence B2B technology buying decisions. Research by Bain & Company even finds that it ranks in the top five.

That’s one of the reasons why Persado has built seamless integrations with some of the most popular marketing technology platforms, and Adobe is one of them. Seamless integration with Adobe’s martech and ecommerce products enables our mutual customers to optimize messages and ultimately personalize experiences for their audiences.

To understand how, let’s first dig into how Persado and Adobe functionally fit together.

Persado + Adobe: Complements, Not Competitors

Persado’s core technology is an AI platform that provides language generation and decisioning for all types of customer communications. Whether it’s marketing campaigns, customer service prompts, internal communications, or anything in between, Persado’s technology identifies the stories, emotions, descriptions, and formatting that will most effectively engage your audience and motivate action.

Adobe, in contrast, provides a range of functionality across a suite of marketing and ecommerce products. The company offers industry-leading content distribution; content performance measurement and attribution; and data collection. Adobe’s Experience Platform alone holds more than 35% market share, according to Gartner.

None of Adobe’s marketing products include native language generation or language insights, however, that makes our AI language generation platform a great complement to Adobe’s suite of products.

Customers that leverage both Persado and an Adobe product benefit from the strengths of both. Persado’s experiments with the stories, emotions, words, and formatting to find the version with the highest performance and then serves that content automatically to the relevant Adobe product to manage or deliver it. Our seamless integration with Adobe also allows us to capture the real performance of Persado-generated content on the back end – no manual upload required. Those insights help our technology understand what worked and why so it can improve the content for our customer over time.

Seamless Integration Means More Speed, Efficiency, and Results

Persado’s integration with Adobe results in both immediate and long-term benefits for customers.

  • Immediate benefit 1: Speed-to-market with communications campaigns. Organizations that want to optimize their content must experiment with multiple variations to determine which works best in the real world. Persado uses experimental design to identify the highest-performing variation. Once we have the final variation in hand, we need to get it from Persado’s AI platform to our customer’s web or email serving platforms. Without integrations, campaign teams would have to move the content manually, which takes time. Integrations cut the time to market for campaigns by at least 60% and up to 80%, depending on the system.
  • Immediate benefit 2: More efficient access to insights. Customers also save time on the backend through seamless integration of campaign results from the customer’s web or email serving platforms back to Persado’s AI platform. That data allows Persado to integrate the insights about real-world performance to improve future campaigns. Our customers get stronger, faster return on investment through continuous language improvement.
  • Longer-term benefit: Better results through personalization. As Persado continues to run experiments, our AI platform amasses enough statistically significant data on customer responses to build Language Profiles — our mechanism for associating an anonymized customer with the language that motivates them to action. Using Language Profiles, our customers can deliver personalized experiences, and deliver it months faster than they would have achieved without personalization.

Personalization at Vodafone: Persado + Adobe in Action

Vodafone Italy has experienced the power of Persado + Adobe working together to improve campaign outcomes.

Vodafone knew that customers who enrolled in the company’s rewards program and used the benefits were more likely to stay loyal. Based on that knowledge, it planned a campaign to drive rewards program enrollment. Believing that different customer segments would likely respond to different messages, Vodafone divided its audience into Shoppers, Streamers, and Readers, and leveraged Persado to identify the ideal language to use with each. Persado’s tight integration with Adobe Target enabled Vodafone to scale the experimentation and deploy multiple variants with one upload and automatically get results back. The winning variants for each segment emphasized different benefits of loyalty membership, and produced between 44% and 134% higher conversion above what Vodafone would have been able to achieve with its control message.

Full Range Integration Capabilities

Persado has separate integrations for different Adobe martech and e-commerce products. These include Adobe Campaign Classic (for email), Adobe Target RTS and Native (for web), Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Launch. Upcoming additions to Persado’s suite of integrations include Adobe Experience Platform and Adobe Journey Optimizer, both pending in 2022. Having separate integrations for separate products allows Adobe customers to flexibly leverage Persado regardless of which mix of products they use or retire. Leading companies from Ally, Audible, M&S, Verizon, and Vodafone, among others, are already leveraging different combinations of Persado integrations with Adobe.

Persado + Adobe = Personalization at Scale

For organizations to deliver personalized messages at scale, they need to know what their audiences will respond to and get it in front of them quickly. Those needs come together through Persado’s seamless integrations with Adobe. They are the necessary first step toward better, faster, more personalized experiences at scale.

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