18th Aug, 2021

Language Data in Action: RappiPay boosts customer acquisition with first-party data activated by Persado

Rappi took the world by storm beginning in 2015 with a strong focus on responding to customer needs and building innovative technology. Rappi expanded its financial services presence with the formation of RappiPay, a digital banking company with its sights set on revolutionizing digital banking services.

The Challenge: Drive customer acquisition for a new credit card

In January 2021, RappiPay was gearing up for the launch of RappiCard, an accessible and inclusive credit card product geared to the 650+ million unbanked Mexicans. As a new provider, RappiPay recognized that meeting its ambitious customer acquisition goals would require its marketing team to understand the channels and content that most resonate with customers. There was no room for error. As a digitally-native company, RappiPay saw a need to embrace technology to deliver creative decision making with mathematical certainty. Persado was the clear choice.

Key business objectives

  • Meet ambitious customer acquisition goals
  • Understand the channels and content that would most resonate with their customers

In partnership with RappiPay’s performance marketing team, Persado developed multiple message variations based on copy crafted by RappiPay’s marketing creatives. Persado then tested those messages through four primary channels to find the highest performer.

The process was two-phased, beginning with an awareness campaign to build a waiting list through email and push channels. The initiative culminated with a product launch campaign that spanned email, push notifications, in-app notifications, and Facebook ads.

The Results: 179% increase in card applications from Persado-generated content and decision support

The Persado platform uses a combination of sophisticated AI, data science, computational linguistics, and machine learning to generate the perfect message and then test how well it works and why with real customers across channels.

Persado is able to create a first-party language profile of a brand’s customer base, with insights into how it changes across segments and channels. First party data like Persado’s language data are becoming a critical tool for marketers as big tech companies retire the third-party cookies so many have relied on to drive digital marketing.

In the case of RappiPay, AI-generated content and decision enablement from Persado delivered a 179% uplift in card applications and catapulted the RappiPay team far ahead of its customer acquisition goals.

The success factors for Persado-generated messages

  • Formatting: A clean visual with the card front and center drove almost half of the improved performance over the control message featuring a man’s face.
  • Clear instructions: Descriptive language at the top of the ad featuring a numbered list of actions eliminates confusion, contributing 28% of improved performance.
  • The right emotion: Encouragement drove top performance for the message that read, “Apply for your card now!” It outperformed versions that tapped into Curiosity “Look how easy it is to apply” or Gratification “You deserve these advantages.”

success factors for Persado-generated messages

What’s next?

Building on their early success, RappiPay plans to expand its relationship with Persado, further integrating omni-channel technologies as their growth strategy. The Persado AI content generation and decisioning technologies will help place the RappiPay team among the world’s most innovative marketers.  To understand how Persado equips brands to embrace new forms of first party data, access the ebook: Forget Cookies: Drive powerful personalization by activating first-party data

To learn more about Persado’s partnership with RappiPay, click to access the case study.


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