13th Sep, 2019

Learn How AI Makes Marketing More Human: Top August Articles

Scan the headlines on any given day and it is easy to find news articles highlighting the myriad ways in which AI is becoming pivotal to work and society. As common are the thought pieces examining AI’s unknown negative impact on humans as it relates to jobs, privacy, bias. 

More recently, however, there is another conversation emerging as it relates to AI. Namely, how AI is making businesses more human. From micro-segmentation and personalization to adding the right emotions to marketing messages, AI helps marketers and business leaders better engage with brands through better creative and better messaging.

The following articles examine the relationship between technology and humanity from different angles. From an exploration of the continued role of human values in business, to an example of an AI that teaches humans to be more empathetic, these pieces expose the deep vein of human connection that can be amplified and improved by technology.  

Quantifying the Human Experience, Deloitte Digital

As more business interactions are mediated by technology, what relevance is there for human values? The research team at Deloitte Digital answers that question in this thought piece that introduces the “Human Values Compass,” a model that measures the combined impact of the customer experience, the workforce experience, and the partner experience on business success in a context of increasing technological advancement.

Are We Ready to Get Emotional With AI?, Forbes

“Affective computing” is AI that can identify the emotions humans are feeling based on their tone of voice or the expression on their face, among other cues. As these solutions get smarter, they will be applied in a range of industries, including healthcare and insurance. The use cases suggest real opportunities to bring empathy to automated interactions. But can we do it in a way that preserves privacy and prevents bias?  

In a Strange Twist, This AI Tries to Teach Empathy to Humans, Futurism

Stressed employees find it difficult to treat others with empathy. This creates a challenge for customer service representatives working in high-volume environments. Can an innovative application by an AI development firm solve the issue by nudging the humans to show more humanity?

How to Create Authentic Human Experiences in an Automated World, Inc.

Some of the most effective users of automation technology are focusing their efforts on initiatives that deepen the customer connection. When used to deliver personalized emails, tap into positive emotions, or present an inclusive vision, automation technologies enhance human connection rather than bypass it.

Can AI-Powered CRM Drive Empathy in Customer Experiences?, Martech Advisor

A review of the 2019 fall conference season highlights AI as a high-profile keynote topic for marketers. From the current context of using AI to enable more empathetic interactions at scale between companies and customers, thought leaders are projecting forward to a future of “artificial empathy.” 


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