January 13, 2021

People Spotlight: Yvonne Fung, Senior Manager, Customer Success

We all know at least one individual whom we might describe as a “people person” — someone who is a great communicator, gets along with nearly everyone, always seems to know what to say (and says the right things at the right time), has a simple passion and love for working with and developing relationships with people, and aims to truly make a difference.

Yvonne Fung is just that kind of people person who has helped the company establish long-term relationships with key customers and effectively bring account teams together. Although a new member of the Persado family as of January 2020, Fung brings to Persado a wealth of experience that has made a difference in the company culture.

Customer Success

Fung is an extremely experienced and civically-minded member of the Persado Customer Success team. Although her role is primarily centered around renewal contracts and continuing relationships with clients, Fung also serves as an advisor focusing on business partnerships and building long-term strategic partnerships to drive ROI for key clients such as Chase, Gap, and Tapestry.

“We are all managing client expectations in one way or another.”

-Yvonne Fung, Customer Success Team, Persado

Fung believes that there isn’t such a thing as a fully “complete” process; there’s always an opportunity to iterate and improve. 

“When I think about ‘customer success,’ I think about it like working alongside a client at a problem-solving capacity,” she said. “A successful customer relationship needs to go two ways. I have to be flexible and listen openly about what my clients are saying and read between the lines.”

Fung continues, “To me, customer success is thinking ahead to the next step and streamlining performance. I’m not just working on my own — but with a family of people — and it’s the family structure that we have on our team that makes a difference. We are all managing client expectations in one way or another.”

Empowering and Enriching Persado Women

In addition to leading the Persado Employee Resource Group, Fung is also the founder of Persado Women, a group focused on professional equity in the workplace. As a group leader, Fung creates and schedules workshops on various topics, including public speaking, delivering presentations, and financial planning. These workshops are designed to help enrich and empower women at Persado to take better control of their personal and professional lives. 

“It’s important to take an active role in making a difference in the world we live in.”

One area that greatly interests Fung is education. In her free time, Fung volunteers for New York Cares. Additionally, over the last five years, Fung has been actively involved with the Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO), an organization dedicated to helping underprivileged students in New York City acquire the necessary educational resources. In addition to serving as a Junior Board Member, Fung mentors high school juniors through the college application process.

Fung is incredibly focused on adding value, striving for positive change in an organization, and looking at the broader picture — and then using that broad picture to drill down to effective problem-solving. 

When describing her road to success, Fung noted, “I’ve been lucky enough to have enough mentors to support me, and I use that as a platform wherever I go.”

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