October 24, 2022

Persado Proud: Digiday Recognizes Motivation AI Platform in 2022 Technology Awards


Digiday Recognizes Motivation AI Platform in 2022 Technology Awards

We’re thrilled that Digiday has named the Persado Motivation AI Platform a finalist for Best Content Marketing Platform in its 2022 Digiday Technology Awards, which honor the technologies modernizing media and marketing. Our finalist award recognizes the outstanding results leading retail brand Marks & Spence achieved with Persado, underscoring a long history of innovation in helping brands more effectively communicate and build relationships with consumers. 

Personalization remains paramount for marketers as the era of third-party cookies fades, consumer loyalty wanes, and digital advertising becomes more competitive. According to research conducted by BCG, customer centricity and personalization are the top goals for digital transformation . The reward for achieving these goals is significant business results; according to McKinsey, companies that excel at personalization generate 40% more revenue from those activities than average competitors. 

Organizations that use the Persado Motivation AI Platform reach a turning point in their ability to truly understand their customers. By implementing the world’s most powerful machine learning optimization and personalization capabilities, companies are able to generate powerful, on-brand content and communications, and drive accelerated value. In fact, the top 30 customers have realized over $1.5B in incremental revenue growth to date with Persado’s AI-driven language. 

The Persado platform produces behavior-driving language to increase customer engagement and business results, enabling many other leading brands to speak to their customers directly in an effective and human way.  With customer Marks & Spencer—recognized in the Digiday nomination—Persado ran the equivalent of 500 multivariate messaging experiments in seconds, allowing Marks & Spencer to discover not just which language works, but also why it works. With the Persado Motivation AI Platform, the retailer saw an average conversion rate lift of 34% across its digital channels. 

Persado’s nomination comes on the heels of a banner year of product development and growth, including the recent launch of our Motivation AI API which enables martech partners to deliver the benefits of motivation-aware language without significant investment and time. As digital transformation continues dominating business operations, modern marketers will only deepen their relationship with technology as they compete for consumer mindshare and loyalty. At Persado, we’re excited to be at the forefront of this revolution in eCommerce. 

The complete list of finalists for the 2022 Digiday Technology Awards can be viewed here. Winners will be announced virtually on November 17, 2022. 

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