19th Jul, 2022

Having Trouble Testing Web Content? Persado Web Standalone Can Help


Having Trouble Testing Web Content? Persado Web Standalone Can Help

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In an ideal world, every company would be able to experiment with different approaches to content, and measure which types resonate with customers. Isn’t that what we were promised with the advent of the Internet – that digital platforms would allow us to know what is performing and why?

Reality is messier. Rules around the collection and use of user data as well as new changes related to third-party cookies are making it harder to collect insights through digital channels.

There are also technical issues that limit digital experimentation. For example, some web serving platforms don’t offer testing options at all, some offer them only in limited contexts, and some only offer them at a price point that’s too high to take advantage of at scale.

These challenges and others are why the Persado Web Standalone capability exists.

What is the Persado Web Standalone capability?

For clients that rely on third-party content serving platforms to deliver email campaigns or web content, and that find it difficult to conduct testing through that platform, Persado has developed a Web Standalone capability. This allows clients to access and conduct Persado web testing directly through the Persado platform, without needing to run the experiment through their third party web service providers.

Everything from setting up the experiment in Persado to accessing insights about what performed the best, and why, can be done through the Persado Portal. With Web Standalone, clients can overcome obstacles to third party testing timelines, instead enjoying a simple one-time setup that drastically reduces time to value and allows them to unlock quick wins while scaling AI-based content across the web. The fact that Persado owns the process from end-to-end means clients receive the payoff in the form of higher performing campaigns and long term insights into what works.

Persado Web Standalone in Action

An Italian financial services institution adopted Persado Web Standalone after it found that its governance requirements to do with third-party cookies were preventing it from conducting variant testing for web campaigns through its third-party service providers.

The Persado Web Standalone capability allowed the firm to experiment with different messages for a web page focused on loans. Using the Persado server, the Persado client team was able to upload the campaign variations, run the experiment, and access all of the insights about the most effective campaign narratives, emotional language, visuals, formats, and other elements. The highest-performing variant achieved 41% more clicks, and 29% more loan requests than the company’s control message.

The ability to capture, save, and accumulate insights unlocks other Persado capabilities, such as our Adaptive Algorithm (which shifts traffic volume during experiments to ensure the brand gets the highest performance for the best variant), as well as our Language Profiles, which reflect the language that motivates a specific customer or segment.

The final word on Persado Web Standalone

Businesses that face challenges testing web content don’t have to settle for the status quo. Persado customers are already seeing success using the Persado Web Standalone capability.

This new functionality allows companies to take advantage of Persado’s motivation-driven language AI platform while avoiding complications from other service providers or from data governance requirements. Ready to start your Motivation AI journey with Persado? Contact us today for more information.


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