28th Jul, 2020

Unlock the Power of Personalized Content at Scale with Open-Time Email

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been shown time and again to be an effective way to optimize email subject lines and increase opens–but more opens alone doesn’t drive email revenue. Businesses must also test, optimize, and experiment with email body copy at scale to increase engagements, conversions, and revenue.

A multinational energy company ran countless tests on subject lines in emails to win back customers who had canceled. While that effort increased the number of opens, their conversion numbers failed to materialize. The team that ran the digital marketing program could almost visualize the customers exiting the conversion funnel. However, after they started testing AI-enabled variations of their body copy, the team achieved a 40% lift in winbacks.

Many businesses have been held back from email body testing by labor-intensive manual processes and email service providers (ESPs) that can only support a few variations. 

There’s now a better way.

Introducing Open-Time Email

Open-Time Email is Persado’s new API capability that enables clients to deploy multiple email body variants by using a single embed code serving real-time content at the time of open. It makes it easier than ever to run AI-enabled email body experiments at scale by dynamically serving content and automatically passing the engagement data back into Persado. This drastically reduces the time it takes to get an email body experiment out the door and create business impact. Open-Time Email works with any ESP.

A better way to test at scale

Here’s how it works. First, Persado generates data-driven email body variations customized to a client’s audience and campaign. After the client team approves the content, we generate embed codes–either a full HTML template or codes for each element included in the experiment. Response data, such as opens, clicks, and conversions, automatically flow back into Persado with no manual upload necessary. Finally, customers can seamlessly transition from exploring options to broadcasting the winning message without repeated set-ups.

Benefits of using Open-Time Email

  • Enable real-time personalization at scale – Open-Time Email can leverage any existing merge tag from a customer’s CRM, enabling several ways to personalize your communications and drive better results.
  • Overcome testing limitations of an ESP – Certain ESPs only support three or four content variations, which severely limits email body experimentation. Open-Time Email can serve 17 or more variants with just a single snippet of code, granting the ability to run email body experiments at scale and capturing a higher volume of learnings.
  • Support time-sensitive campaigns – Time-sensitive promotions often don’t allow for vigorous email body experimentation. Open-Time Email unlocks new opportunities to maximize learnings for critical campaigns. Customers can shave hours or days off set-up time by testing 17 or more variations with a single snippet of code. They can get results in real time, helping identify messages for broadcast more quickly.
  • Remove operational hurdles for trigger emails – With Open-Time Email, clients can move seamlessly from exploration to broadcast without a repeated setup by pushing broadcast variants from Persado to their ESP through the exact same code. Simply set up with a single code, then deploy exploration. Results flow automatically. The client selects winning variants that update automatically through the API, and broadcast results then flow back into Persado.

It’s now easier than ever to leverage AI to create and test copy that can grow the bottom line. Open-Time Email removes the barriers that have traditionally held businesses back from making the most out of their email efforts, opening up new possibilities to maximize the value of every send.


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