22nd Apr, 2022

Unlock the Power of Enterprise Creativity with AI


Unlock the Power of Enterprise Creativity with AI

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As technology enables organizations to automate tasks and deliver services more efficiently, the ability to be creative is fast becoming a key differentiator in a competitive market. One of the major challenges facing tech leaders in the years ahead will be finding ways to overcome “digital sameness” with uniquely human creativity.

Forrester recently conducted research into the intersection of technology and creativity to explore how organizations can best leverage technology to augment creative work. The resulting report, “Augment Human Ingenuity with AI to Scale Creativity,” contains a number noteworthy insights.

Empowering Human Creativity

Although humans are capable of extraordinarily creative forms of thinking, organizations are not always able to exploit its potential. If they’re unable to create the conditions for people to engage in deep thinking and divergent thinking, they can quickly be lost in the crowd following purely data-driven practices that make it difficult to stand out.

Forrester’s research demonstrates how AI technology can be used to leverage and encourage creative thinking when deployed under the right circumstances. Some of the benefits of using AI in this fashion include:

  • Stimulating out of the box thinking by providing new data insights.
  • Unburdening humans from mundane tasks to focus on more creative work.
  • Creating opportunities for new business models and opportunities.

Unlocking Measurable Impact with AI

Maturing AI 2.0 technologies may not be able to replicate human creativity, but they’re becoming better at unleashing it at scale across enterprises. In conversations with some of the world’s leading organizations, Forrester has identified a few important steps for implementing AI in ways that promote more creative thinking at every level of operations:

  • Democratize access to AI capabilities.
  • Incorporate problem-AI into creative teams.
  • Focus on effectiveness, not efficiency.

With AI already delivering clear benefits to the market, technology executives need to focus on ways to increase cooperation between AI and humans rather than forcing them to compete against one another. By improving computing capabilities and implementing the right control and governance models, they can position their organizations to capitalize AI’s potential to unleash the inimitable power of human creativity.

For more detailed insights on the future of AI and human cooperation, be sure to download the full Forrester report, “Augment Human Ingenuity with AI to Scale Creativity.”

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