May 2, 2023

Webinar Recap | Understanding the Difference Between Generative AI Marketing Solutions


Gartner predicts that by 2025, 30% of outbound marketing messages will be synthetically generated—up from only 2% in 2022. That’s just one data point highlighting the explosive growth in Generative AI marketing solutions. There’s a variety of providers looking to take advantage of this rapidly growing market. Many of them talk about their AI products in similar ways. However, overall capabilities vary, sometimes dramatically. Persado recently hosted a webinar on ChatGPT vs. Persado: Understanding the Difference between Generative AI Language Platforms. Here’s an overview of this market and a framework for differentiating between foundational technology like GPT-3/4 and the point solutions that aim to solve a specific business problem.

What is Generative AI and what can it do today?

Generative AI are algorithms that create new content based on user inputs. For example, a user could prompt a Generative AI language tool to draft a LinkedIn post or an email. Recent innovations in machine learning data models have made Generative AI platforms much more powerful.

Today’s explosive Generative AI activity centers around text generation, image generation, audio and video generation, as well as code generation. In the very near future, Generative AI will apply to more advanced use cases. These include market sensing, new product development, 3D printing.

The foundation models like GPT-3 and 4 by OpenAI, on which solutions like ChatGPT are based, have been trained using a broad pool of language data to complete a wide variety of general-purpose text or image or video generation tasks. Everyone who has tried them can see the power they have to complete those tasks impressively and at high speed.

They are less capable, however, at tackling very specific tasks in specific industries or functions. They aren’t trained for that. Nor are they trained to deliver the best draft of text or code or an image. Instead, they are trained to produce the most common option. This is an important distinction as it opens the way for new companies to leverage the foundation models and build Generative AI marketing solutions that solve specific problems.

The usability characteristics of point solutions

Point solution providers identify use cases and provide additional training data that refines the foundation model for a specific environment, context, or to solve a specific problem. Fit-for-purpose point solutions are emerging for a range of functions and industries. Effective Generative AI marketing solutions differentiate themselves from the foundation models by focusing on four characteristics:

  • Optimized user interface and user experience. By improving upon the way that a person interacts with AI, a point solution maintains a seamless and straightforward experience that optimizes use and delivers value.
  • Workflow integration. Point solutions integrate into business processes and technology stacks so as to improve the way you already work.
  • Metrics-based reporting. Point solutions use built-in reporting and data generation to provide insights on target metrics so that the business can quantify its value to the relevant value stream.
  • Extension of the core tech. Point solutions need a defensible extension and value-add beyond the core technologies that allow it to serve specific needs. Those extensions also create a distinct value proposition that makes it difficult for a competitor to replicate.

Solving Marketing Problems With Generative AI

Point solutions have already emerged to solve specific business problems. Generative AI marketing solutions represent some of the first. That’s probably because marketers are on the front lines trying to engage digital customers—and often failing. Though marketers spend 57% of their budgets on digital advertising, many see no or low return on those investments. In response, marketers are embracing Generative AI to help meet the massive demand for content. 

Marketing is also the space where Persado has operated for the past 10 years. Persado is a Generative AI solution that optimizes customer-facing messages for enterprise brands. We call our solution a Motivation AI for the way it understands how language can motivate customers to engage and act. In this way, it solves the marketing challenge of optimizing conversions. Persado Generative AI is more efficient than humans at creating digital messaging for enterprise brands. It’s also more effective in that it guarantees that the content will perform and help marketers meet their goals. 

The Persado Motivation AI has the characteristics required to successfully tackle the problems that continually affect marketers. They reside in 5 core capabilities, highlighted below. For more information on the 5 Capabilities, see our executive brief: Generative AI for the Enterprise: The 5 Capabilities Businesses Need for Optimum Impact.

Capability 1: Motivation-Aware Knowledge Base

The Persado Motivation Aware knowledge base delivers on the characteristics of metrics-based reporting and extensions of the core technology of a large language model.

The Persado Motivation AI has a specialized knowledge base of business communications that has been indexed and categorized in a way that reflects what the words mean in context. The knowledge base also contains years of insights about the language that works (and doesn’t) for business-specific marketing messages by industry, audience type, and communication type.

As a given brand works with the Persado Motivation AI Platform, the knowledge base develops a brand layer containing details of that brand’s unique voice. That way it can generate messages that reflect a unique voice for each organization that uses it. 

Capability 2: AI-Generated Messages That Motivate

With an optimized user interface, workflow integration, and technology extension, the Persado Generative AI marketing solution produces market-ready content statistically likely to out-perform exclusively human-generated copy. When Persado generates new language, it is informed by ten years of marketing language experiments. These tell the machine learning algorithm what works and what doesn’t to motivate customer action.

Capability 3: Automated Experimental Design

Our third capability is automated experimental design, which delivers on the optimized UI/UX, metrics-based reporting, and technology extension characteristics of the best point solutions. Persado Motivation AI-generated language is predicted from the outset to outperform any human-generated control messages. Brands can simply use the predicted language for high impact.

For optimum results, however, brands leverage the Persado Motivation AI to run message experiments and assess the real-world performance of different language elements. As the experiment runs, Persado captures the results and applies them to generate a final message optimized for performance.

Capability 4: Personalization at Scale

The fourth capability is personalization at scale which delivers on UI/UX workflow, reporting, and technology extensions. With time and experimentation, Motivation AI enables personalized messages at scale. For brands pursuing dynamic personalization, Persado Motivation AI can deliver the right message to the right individual, adapting it based on customer engagement behavior.

Capability 5: Integrations for Fast Value

Pre-built integrations at scale allow Persado to connect to your martech stack and delivery channels. Our integrations help to seamlessly integrate AI language generation into the marketing workflow. Through the Persado portal, marketing teams can manage everything from campaigns workflow, approvals, results and trends, as well as thorough language insights to understand not only what language works but also why.

Through the combined power of language data, customer behavioral insights, machine learning and AI, Motivation AI functions as a continuous-learning platform that accelerates customer engagement and conversion using personalized language at scale.

Unlike Generative AI solutions like ChatGPT that have been banned by large corporations such as JPMorgan Chase because of unsettled rights issues, Persado has enterprise-grade security and compliance. The company is a trusted partner to Fortune 500 banks, healthcare corporations, and some of the world’s largest retailers. Want to learn more about the differences between Generative AI language platforms? Listen to the entire webinar: ChatGPT vs. Persado: Understanding the Difference between Generative AI Language Platforms..

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