Strengthen digital relationships with content journeys.

Inspire your healthcare customers (from patients to consumers to members to providers) to take actions that positively influence health and business outcomes.

Persado offers two products for healthcare customers: 1) Motivational AI experimentation and 2) PerScribed: pre-optimized, ready-to-deploy content journeys.

Both can help you generate and nurture leads, increase HEDIS star ratings, drive volume to speciality services, and more. 

Take care of your healthcare customers by helping them take charge of their health. The Persado Motivation AI helps payers, providers, retail health clinics and more build powerful digital relationships that improves both loyalty and overall health measures.

Boost enrollment.

Highlight what’s new and further engage policyholders with high-value services during annual enrollment windows.

28% engagement lift

A health insurer promoted free biometric screenings as a key part of its wellness programs and saw an engagement lift.

$1.5M in annual savings

A health insurance provider sent an email to inform policyholders about automatic prescription refills, resulting in major savings and preventing people from running out of their medications.

Increase digital engagement.

Deploy journey-based campaigns that both provide health education and inspire healthy actions—from scheduling preventive screenings to prescription adherence to important appointment reminders.

Highlight wellness initiatives.

When it comes to health, there’s a lot individuals can do to stay out of the doctor’s office. Motivation AI can provide the nudge to keep them engaged with their wellness goals.

100% engagement increase

Health insurer Humana achieved double the standard response with an autumn campaign promoting the flu shot.

Facilitate digital adoption.

Find a doctor, file a claim, or print new insurance cards — all from the comforts of home. Engage health customers to do these tasks digitally with messaging that motivates action.

66% increase in app downloads

A national insurance provider improved the efficacy of their app store descriptions to engage new users and increase app downloads.

Accelerate revenue growth with Motivation AI.

Jump-start your engagement campaigns with Persado PerScribed: pre-optimized, pre-developed content proven to drive health outcomes.

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