From shopping carts to loyalty with personalized language.

Join many of the world’s largest retail brands that use the Persado Motivation AI Platform to create personalized language that engages your customers, no matter where they are in their buyer journey.

Stand out with Motivation AI.

Cut through the noise with Persado’s unique ability to create messages that make customers feel like they’re talking with you one-to-one – anytime, anywhere.

162% revenue increase

A top retailer promoted “new arrivals” with social media ads that boosted sales both online (162% increase) and offline (66% increase).

$8M increase in revenue

A retailer used a web banner ad to successfully promote product upgrades in the shopping cart.

Unlock revenue growth and uplift.

Persado engages customers and inspires them to act. Translating into exceptional revenue growth and more brand conversions.

Learn how Marks & Spencer unlocked millions in revenue with Motivation AI.

It’s incredible to see how far we’ve come with Persado AI on this personalisation journey and it feels like we’re just getting started. As we undergo a massive digital transformation as a business, we believe that partnering with companies like Persado will lead to a truly sustainable transformation—one that allows us to thrive for at least another 130 years.

Alex Williams

Head of Growth and Personalisation, Marks & Spencer

The degree to which the AI platform allows Michaels to understand the language that resonates best with each Maker is incredible…the language speaks to our customers on a deep, personal level. The fact that we can do this regularly and at scale is helping to build upon the high levels of trust we’ve earned with our Makers throughout our history.

Sachin Shroff

VP of CRM, Loyalty, and Marketing Technology, Michaels

127% revenue increase

A Fortune 500 retailer offered new visitors a 20% discount to sign up for their email newsletter. The winning ad not only doubled sign-ups over the retailer’s control message, it led to twice as many orders from first-time customers.

Inspire consumers to act.

Top retailers that use Persado see a massive uplift in conversions. That’s because our Motivation AI technology finds the precise language that inspires customers to engage and act.

Inspire customer loyalty.

Retail and e-commerce brands use Persado to personalize upsells, cross-sells, rewards, branded credit cards, and partner programs with motivating messages — solidifying customer relationships.

108% increase in reward members

A top retailer optimized the language on its web page to motivate customers to sign up for a loyalty program, more than doubling enrollment.

200% ROI

A retailer found the right language to reach customers across channels and get them to finish their purchase.

Reduce abandoned carts.

Lots of customers like to window shop. Retailers using the Motivation AI Platform are able to keep them engaged throughout the acquisition phase — reducing cart abandonment.

Accelerate revenue growth with Motivation AI.

Revolutionize content and communications for retail with Motivation AI.

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