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May 12, 2021

New Partnership Between Amperity CDP and Persado Signals Acceleration of the Next Era of Personalization for Data-Driven Brands

Integration combines first-party data with scalable AI-content and decisioning to help marketers make every customer interaction count

SEATTLE and NEW YORK, May 12, 2021 Amperity, the #1 enterprise Customer Data Platform for consumer brands, today announced that it is partnering with Persado, the leading AI content generation and decisioning platform that unlocks the value of the right words at every customer interaction, to enable hyper-personalization at scale for brands and marketers.

This partnership empowers marketers to better identify their ideal targets and deliver the right emotive and engaging message to the right customer. Benefits of the partnership include an increase in marketing-led revenue, more leads generated per campaign, a reduction in customer acquisition costs, and improved conversion on open rates and click through rates across all marketing channels.

“Every marketer seeks the holy grail of personalized content to drive that one click for customers to upgrade, join a loyalty program, add to cart, or refer a friend, but the path to get there at scale isn’t easy,” said Kabir Shahani, CEO of Amperity. “Brands must make customer data the lifeblood of personalization, and Persado’s strength lies in helping marketers determine how to engage consumers to take action. Its AI-driven personalization technology combined with our first-party data customer insights, finally allows marketers to connect with their customers with more authenticity and humanity.”

Amperity Customer Data Platform connects data across disparate systems and uses multi-patented AI-based technology to create a complete Customer 360 data foundation. Persado’s patented platform uses natural language generation and machine learning to predict the optimal messaging to use when communicating with individual prospects and customers. Through this partnership, brands can use Amperity to resolve identities across systems without requiring a common unique identifier, transforming raw data into individual profiles and specific customer segments that Persado’s algorithms then leverage to quickly identify and create the right message for that individual. Together, Amperity and Persado make it possible for brands to ensure that every message speaks to and connects every individual – creating a better experience for customers and unlocking new sources of value for the business.

Using data from Amperity in Persado means that a marketer can now:

  • Dynamically segment high value or high potential customers such as those with a high propensity to spend, primary spenders for a household, customers likely to churn, and others.
  • Generate personalized messaging to precise segments across all channels (email, web, IVR, SMS, push, paid media) to engage each customer based on their needs and interests to drive new customer acquisition via promotions or coupons, loyalty membership sign ups and upgrades, tailored customer support, and more.
  • Automatically track conversion and revenue user-level data giving teams the insights and rich analytics they need to accelerate and drive content performance.

“Businesses who have invested millions, sometimes billions, in their data and digital transformation capabilities are now realizing that they need to focus on personalizing the message to truly unlock the value of those investments,” said Alex Vratskides, CEO of Persado. “Our partnership makes ‘last-mile personalization’ possible at scale by matching Amperity’s impressive customer profile accuracy with our ability to deliver the most effective, individualized message to that person. This makes the promise of true 1:1 marketing – a quest marketers have been pursuing for decades – now possible as the ability to identify individuals and understand their unique language preferences come together.”

Amperity connects to a wide ecosystem of partners that enable a variety of use cases through Amperity Datagrid. Amperity customers will be able to utilize Persado’s AI-powered custom messaging insights starting today. 

About Persado

Persado is an AI platform that unlocks a lever of value creation using the right choice of words for all customer interactions across the enterprise. By unlocking the power of words, companies win every customer moment, experiencing dramatic new levels of brand engagement and revenue performance. Leading global brands, including Chase, Humana, Williams Sonoma, American Express, Vodafone, Dell, Microsoft, and Verizon rely on Persado to generate content in a dramatically new way to unlock the value of messaging and emotionally engage consumers, one by one, moment by moment, at scale.

The Persado platform uses sophisticated AI, data science, computational linguistics, and machine learning to generate the perfect message by leveraging the world’s most advanced language knowledgebase of more than one million tagged and scored words and phrases. Companies can gain full visibility with quantifiable results and data-driven insights to identify the trends and language that wins every moment in the customer journey while ensuring the message always reinforces brand voice. For more information about Persado visit, and follow Persado on LinkedIn.

About Amperity

Amperity’s mission is to help companies use data to serve their customers. The company has revolutionized the way brands identify, understand, and connect with their customers by leveraging AI to deliver a comprehensive and actionable Customer 360. This unified view improves marketing performance, fuels accurate customer insights, and enables world-class customer experiences. With Amperity, technical teams are freed from endless integration and data management, and business teams have direct access to the comprehensive data they need to build long-term customer loyalty and drive growth. Amperity serves many of the world’s most loved brands, including Alaska Airlines, Michaels, Lucky Brand, Kendra Scott, Planet Fitness, Kenneth Cole, Tapestry, Crocs, Servco, First Hawaiian Bank, and many more. To learn more, visit