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16th Feb, 2022

Persado announces first-of-its-kind language personalization capabilities and a new form of first party data

Capabilities open $800B in incremental revenue for innovative brands.

NEW YORK – February 16, 2022 – Persado, the AI content generation and decisioning platform that delivers outsized value at scale to Fortune 500 companies, announced major new enhancements to its platform today. The company released Language Profiles, a first-of-its-kind new type of first party data, and Personalized Content Generation, which matches the right content to the right customer through every communication channel.

As third party cookies are degraded, consumer loyalty wanes, and digital advertising becomes more competitive, forward-thinking brands are looking for new revenue opportunities and unique ways to reach their customers with personalized messages at scale. Personalized content could generate as much as $800 billion in incremental revenue worldwide over the coming decade, according to Boston Consulting Group. Persado is leading the movement with the only language generation model that is connected to customer feedback. The unique Persado data set offers both language generation and decisioning, providing a feedback loop to users around why the highest performing language was chosen.

“Content is about to change forever. Over the course of the next five years, content will become a significant competitive advantage for brands because we are on the cusp of having 8+ billion digital and connected citizens in the world consuming 200 billion ad impressions a day—a sea-change that requires a level of personalized content generation that necessitates an embrace of AI and machine learning,” says Assaf Baciu, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Persado. “We are proud to continue to set the standard in AI generated language and to be the first to introduce language personalization at scale – a must for any brand wanting to engage today’s savvy consumer.”

Personalized Content Generation creates the most effective language to serve each segment or individual. Brands can focus the personalized content along traditional language segments, and can also further target messages along Language Profiles, a new form of first-party data that reveals the language and communication preferences of individual customers. By understanding individual responses to language and generating the right messages, the Persado algorithms enable leading brands to scale with AI-generated content to achieve performance uplift and create more meaningful and on-brand experiences for their customers. The capabilities enable brands to:

  • Generate segment and individual-level personalized content at scale
  • Enhance the customer experience with personalized, consistent messaging across channels and touchpoints
  • Adapt quickly to changing customer preferences and expectations

A leading insurance provider that has been using the Persado Language Profiles and Personalized Content Generation capabilities has seen a 278% lift in quotes finished with their personalized campaigns by targeting their various Language Profiles. Not only can the insurance provider achieve the panacea of personalization for its customers, but the company is also able to do it at scale, at a significant profit to the business.

“The results the national insurance provider experienced reflect what we are seeing across the board with our customers,” added Baciu. “Customers of large brands expect to work with those companies the way that they prefer — they want an overall personalized experience. With this groundbreaking new advancement from Persado, Fortune 1000 brands can tailor individual messages to customers using the language the customers prefer. This gives them the ability to scale that’s only possible with AI.”

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Persado is the AI content generation and decisioning platform that unlocks billions in incremental revenue for data-driven enterprises. Leading brands including J.P. Morgan Chase, Humana, Williams Sonoma, American Express, and Verizon rely on Persado to realize the untapped potential in every message.  Words matter. And when they are mapped to human emotion, generated by the Persado AI, and powered by machine learning, organizations reach a tipping point in their ability to understand the customer and personalize language experiences across touchpoints and channels—creating a continuous ability to learn, gain further customer insights, and drive ever higher performance. Visit to learn more.



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