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July 29, 2020

Vodafone Italy Drives New Accounts With Personalized, AI-Powered Messaging

NEW YORK – July 29, 2020 Persado, the leading artificial intelligence (AI) platform that unlocks the value of the right words at every customer interaction, announced the results of an innovative collaboration with Adobe to create tailored, personalized experiences for Vodafone Italy customers. This collaboration drove consistent double and triple-digit increases in conversion rates for Vodafone by combining the power of Adobe’s customer analytics capabilities to segment and target audiences with Persado AI-language capabilities to deliver the best message to the appropriate audience.

Vodafone wanted to elevate their personalization efforts in 2020, but found that to give customers a truly tailored experience was impossible without the effective use of words to deliver exactly the right message at the right time to the right customer. Vodafone used Adobe Target and Persado’s AI-based language platform to enable Vodafone to deliver the most effective message for each audience segment within the My Vodafone App.

In one example, Vodafone wanted to inform customers of an upgrade offer, but with language sensitive to the current climate of COVID-19. They used Persado’s AI-based language platform to generate different messages using the “Mindful Narrative,” an integral part of Persado’s AI-based language platform that ensures AI-generated language is appropriate and relevant to the current environment. Vodafone leveraged Adobe Target to serve different versions to a sample audience before picking the winning in-app text, which ultimately drove an uplift of 83% in lead generation; leads are defined as requests to be followed up with by the call center to finalize the purchase.

With customer experience at the forefront, Vodafone also applied Persado and Adobe Target to promote its new Try & Buy campaign, promoting a free trial of their 5G Unlimited plan across the entire digital customer journey. This multichannel campaign included the outbound channels of SMS and push notifications, as well as an inbound channel via the in-app catalog. Vodafone leveraged Persado to reveal the most effective emotions, words and formatting elements across each stage of the digital journey. With Adobe Target, Vodafone was then able to seamlessly serve the best performing messaging to the right audience. The result was a 120% average conversion rate uplift, contributing to 25% of their digital quota.

“Personalization is all about data, and it’s become a key strategy to keep our customers engaged while reducing churn,” said Federico Panizzi, Head of Digital Customer Marketing, Vodafone Italy. “Persado and Adobe are important partners to help us deliver that personalization with the right message every time, and further boost our CRM activities.”

“Persado’s core belief is that words matter and through AI-based language we are helping brands achieve results while maintaining brand voice and increasing engagement,” said Mario Imparato, SVP Europe, Persado. “Persado has been working with Vodafone since 2012, optimizing more than 2,500 campaigns and achieving game-changing leaps in engagement and sales. We’re confident that this is still only the beginning, and can’t wait to see results from our continued relationship with Adobe unfold in the years ahead.”

With multiple segments and several variants for each test, the experimentation that Vodafone wanted wouldn’t have been possible without a seamless, integrated experience. Using the Persado API for Adobe Target, Vodafone can easily deploy Persado’s AI-generated messages using experimental design to learn which elements resonate best. Based on results, Vodafone can then serve the best-predicted message for each audience segment, maximizing response while revealing data-driven insights. The collaboration between Persado and Adobe has unlocked a new level of experimentation for the Vodafone team, ensuring an easy-to -implement scalable processes.

“Customer expectations and how they want to interact with brands is changing – they decide when, where, and how they engage with a brand and expect every interaction to be relevant and compelling,” said Federico Tota, Enterprise Country Leader, Adobe Italia. “Together with Persado, and working with Vodafone Italy, we’re helping to deliver personalized campaigns and experiences across multiple channels that delight, engage and help retain Vodafone’s customers.”

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The Persado platform uses sophisticated AI, data science, computational linguistics, and machine learning to generate the perfect message by leveraging the world’s most advanced language knowledgebase of more than one million tagged and scored words and phrases. Companies can gain full visibility with quantifiable results and data-driven insights to identify the trends and language that wins every moment in the customer journey while ensuring the message always reinforces brand voice.

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About Vodafone Italy

Vodafone Italia is part of Vodafone Group, serving customers in Italy. The Company offers prepaid, postpaid, data, roaming, mobile, messaging, tariff plans, Internet, broadband, and integrated wireless communication services.

As of 31 March 2020, Vodafone Italy had 19 million mobile customers and 2,9 million broadband customers and 1 million converged customers.

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