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February 2, 2023

Where Generative AI for Marketing Must Go Next

Persado Deems Motivation the Next Frontier of Generative AI and The Future of Personalization 

NEW YORK, NY February 2, 2023 — For enterprises, OpenAI’s ChatGPT is a potent foundation for automated content generation but understanding what motivates people to take action is the next frontier of generative AI technology. Motivation AI is the only approach that is proven to increase marketing conversion rates and drive business impact. 

Motivation AI is a class of enterprise generative AI technology that uses advanced machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and deep learning transformer models to understand intent and create emotion-informed messages that are quantifiably proven to motivate individuals to take action.

Unlike ChatGPT and similar models that pull and learn from the entire “Wild West” of the Internet, Motivation AI is trained on a specialized dataset of real interaction and transaction data from 150 million U.S. consumers.  Adding further precision, this model includes data from the equivalent of 645 years of A/B testing to measure and refine motivation-focused language, emotional response, and engagement. 

Throughout the last decade, leading organizations including Ally Bank, Dropbox, JPMorgan Chase, Marks & Spencer, and Verizon, have been using Motivation AI to optimize their messaging. In the last four years alone, Persado’s top 30 customers collectively achieved $1.5B+ in incremental revenue growth using Motivation AI technology.

Says Alex Vratskides, CEO of Persado, one of the industry’s earliest generative AI companies, “If you’re looking for a productivity jumpstart, ChatGPT is a great starting place. But when marketers start using generative AI to motivate people to engage and take action with their brand, they will truly be dazzled by the potency of this technology. I predict marketers will quickly embrace the combined value of automation, personalization and motivation to drive business success.”  

Motivation AI technology enables hyper-personalized digital communications at an enormous scale across websites, social platforms, apps, email, and text. The innovation overcomes the shortfalls of AI digital marketing strategies that rely on offers and incentives to drive conversion by enabling companies to “speak” to each individual as if they know them personally, using language that motivates them to engage and act.

Visit the Persado Resource Library for more information about Motivation AI.

About Persado

Persado provides the only Motivation AI platform that generates personalized communications at scale, inspiring each individual to engage and act. Many of the world’s largest brands, including Ally Bank, Dropbox, JPMorgan Chase, Marks & Spencer, and Verizon, rely on Persado to generate hyper-personalized communications. Persado’s Generative AI for the enterprise is trained on more than 100 billion digital business language impressions across industries, enabling marketers to motivate customers and drive significant business value.