Persado PerScribed:
AI-powered content journeys for healthcare.

Strengthen digital relationships with patients and providers through pre-developed, pre-optimized content journeys built to deliver better health and business outcomes. Inspire action through read-to-deploy email, landing page, SMS, social, direct mail (and more) content.

Pre-optimized content powered by the Persado AI language database.

PerScribed content is pre-optimized, using AI and over 10 years of historical response data covering most consumer industries and touching more than half the US adult population. With PerScribed messaging, you can be confident that the words are proven to resonate with patients and providers.

Pre-built content journeys designed for loyal relationships.

Persado PerScribed content is structured as multi-channel customer journeys—we provide you with the recommended journey map, as well as all the content you need to engage patients or providers at each step of the journey.

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Created to achieve better outcomes.

Healthcare messaging is not all created equal. Our content is specifically designed to help patients, members, and healthcare consumers meet various health objectives, whether that’s scheduling and attending preventive screenings, talking to a specialist, enrolling in the patient portal, or signing up for a care management program.

Nurture and nudge your valuable contacts to conversion.

We know the power of the nudge. All of our journeys come with nudge reminder content as well as nurture content designed to educate and engage patients, and give them a reason to keep you top of mind. Build stronger connections through sustained, meaningful outreach focused on achieving health goals.

Easy to use. Flexible and modular.

PerScribed content comes to you in an easy-to-use, plug-and-play format. While it’s AI-optimized for performance, you have the flexibility to edit and amend the messaging for your specific purposes. Mix and match content across various channels and places, or simply use it as-is for ultimate speed-to-market.

Accelerate revenue growth with Motivation AI.

Transform your healthcare business with AI, data, and personalization.

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Jump-start your engagement campaigns with pre-optimized, pre-developed content proven to drive health outcomes.

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