July 7, 2021

AI and Public Sector Communications: An AI in Creativity Data Snapshot

Three in four public sector respondents to Persado’s AI in Creativity Report plan to leverage AI in their function in 2021. That’s a 50% increase above 2020, when only half of the respondents were applying AI. 

AI in creativity is a hot trend due to its positive impact on communications and messaging performance. Though the average organization has reaped limited results from AI investments overall, the marketing and communications function is seeing the opposite trend. Sixty-seven percent of marketing and communications executives across industries report that their AI produces revenue lift. Among public sector communications executives specifically, half of the respondents report top-line results from their AI investments.

Analytics tops the list of priorities for public sector communications executives

The largest share of public sector communications executives (53%) plan to leverage AI for analytics and business intelligence. The second-largest share is focusing on offer management (40%). Consumer insights appears third, with 33% of public sector communicators saying they are exploring that area.

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Looking forward, 65% of public sector respondents plan to apply AI to messaging and content creation. That should come as no surprise given that creative and messaging are some of the most visible communications outputs. They touch multiple areas of the communications budget, including agencies, paid media, and labor. Yet only 50% of public sector communications respondents said they are confident or very confident that their messaging drives results. AI can bring accountability to communications.

Why leverage AI for public sector communications?

Leveraging AI for content provides two benefits in one. It optimizes the content and provides a mechanism for measuring its performance. Communications executives can see what works, and what doesn’t, and leverage key lessons across channels and agencies. Public sector respondents say that email subject lines, digital marketing, and web copy are at the top of the list for AI-enabled content generation.

As public sector agencies deal with the ongoing challenges and opportunities of the COVID-19 environment, they need every tool they can get to rise above the noise. Organizations that use AI to enhance their communications have a secret weapon that can help generate more effective content at scale.

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