April 3, 2020

COVID-19 Language and Communication Resource Center

A collection of Persado’s data-guided insights into effective communication practices to help engage and connect with customers, employees and all stakeholders. (Updated April 3, 2020)

First and foremost, the COVID-19 outbreak is a human crisis and that should be a first order principle guiding messaging. The outbreak is a fast changing and dynamic situation and people are looking to the sources they trust for information, reassurance, and effective communication. Brand purpose – and customers’ experiences with a brand – matter more now than ever. The language you use can reinforce trust or erode it. To help navigate the days, weeks and months ahead, we’re providing these resources on effective language and communication to help you connect with customers, employees and all stakeholders.

Insights & Ideas to Communicate Effectively

How More Effective Language Can Reduce Call Center Costs

Strategic use of words and language can reduce call center costs while driving more digital self-service. A leading insurance company changed the words they use in emails designed to encourage digital self service and drove nearly $600,000 in call center savings from a single email campaign.

Call Centers: What’s Happening, What’s Next and How Language Can Help

Leaders have an opportunity to preserve the digital self-service progress made in the past decade but they have to act fast before COVID-related service costs spiral out of control.

Framework For the Communications Journey Ahead

Five guiding principles and a framework to help companies thoughtfully navigate from crisis communications to the new normal.

3 Principles to Guide Initial Customer Communications During COVID-19

Even though conditions are changing rapidly, three operating principles can help brands communicate effectively in this phase of the crisis.

Persado Webcast: Communicating With Your Customers During a Crisis

Q&A with Persado VP of Strategic Consulting, Vipul Vyas and Director of Content
Intelligence, Lisa Spira

5 principles for communicating with your customers during the Covid-19 crisis

1. This is a time to use empathy-based and customer-centric language.

Conveying empathy is vital at this time. The word “You” activates customer-centric communication and is a top performing word because it anchors the message in the customer’s perspective. Examples include “You’re our #1 priority,” “What you should know”

2. Language around the emotions of Gratitude and Safety will be critical during this crisis.

Trust-centric emotional language is important during this time, especially language that conveys Gratitude and Safety. Examples include “Thank you for your patience” (Gratitude) and “We’re here for you” (Safety)

3. Approach how your brand communicates important updates with care.

Review how you deliver and word information-based communications. How they are handled is key so they aren’t perceived as alarming or insensitive. Be cautious using the word “Don’t”: It is a consistent poor performer

4. Positive language also warrants close attention to detail.

Overly optimistic, exclamatory or positive language may be perceived as alarming or tone-deaf. Avoid phrases like “This is unexpected,” “It’s your lucky day” etc.

5. Review your brand communications for specific tactical practices that make a difference.

Avoid superlatives, hyperbolic language and capitalization unless it’s essential. Assess any location-based dynamic variables and language for appropriate use and avoid visually alarming formatting, including emojis like ⚠️ ⁉️❗️‼️⁉️

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