21st Dec, 2020

Deliver on Key Characteristics of an Agile Customer Experience Technology Stack

All signs indicate that 2021 may very well be the Year of Customer Experience (CX), as consumers continue to expect more from the businesses they choose and organizations with more advanced CX capabilities seek to capture market share and pull away from their less sophisticated competitors. When it comes to activating CX across the customer journey, language is the hidden value driver in great CX programs, since it plays a role in nearly every customer touchpoint and has the power to drive material impact to the bottom line. 

Persado was recently featured in Adobe’s eBook Become an Experience-Led Business with an Agile CX Tech Stack. Below are key takeaways from the eBook so you can get the most out of your CX technology in 2021.

Speak your customer’s language

When aligned to the customer’s needs and expectations, the language used across marketing, service, product, and digital touchpoints of an organization can help deliver the best experience and activate the brand purpose. Natural language generation (NLG) is the model of AI that allows a machine to “read,” “interpret,” and “write” language in a way that sounds human at a global scale. 

Download the Adobe eBook: Become an Experience-Led Business with an Agile CX Tech Stack

Persado uses NLG, machine learning, experimental design, and the world’s largest language knowledge base to analyze a brand’s communications across all functions and platforms to create high-performing, personalized, and on-brand content. This AI-generated content delivers an average of 41 percent lift in conversion rates across customer engagement channels.

Tips for developing an agile CX tech stack that delivers results

An agile CX tech stack equips organizations to identify the best language for each stage of the customer journey by enabling scalability, AI-driven creativity, and personalization.

1. Scalable CX is cross-channel, cross-functional, and cross-everything. Success in one area of the business can be extended and replicated to other use cases, channels, and geographies to make a material impact on the business. 

2. AI-guided creativity helps creative teams develop the content that is the lifeblood of powerful customer experiences. AI can provide creative teams with the data and predictive insights that allow them to confidently activate an experience in ways that they know will resonate with customers and drive maximum business impact. AI removes the guesswork so creative teams know they have the right concept, according to real engagement data. 

3. Personalization allows brands both to adapt language for individual customers at the various stages of a customer journey and to understand what works and why. For example, Vodafone leveraged Persado and Adobe Target to promote its new Try & Buy campaign, promoting a free trial of the company’s 5G Unlimited plan across the entire digital customer journey. By combining the power of Adobe’s customer analytics capabilities to segment and target audiences with Persado’s AI-language capabilities to deliver the best message, Vodafone delivered the most effective emotions, words, and content elements across each stage of the digital journey. The result was a 120 percent average conversion rate uplift, contributing to 25 percent of their digital quota. 

How to evaluate CX technology

Superior customer experience enabled by technology isn’t only about the features of the tech solutions in your stack. It’s also about getting them up and running efficiently so they quickly deliver value. When evaluating new solutions, organizations should look for:

  • Easy onboarding. Speed to value is a key metric for judging the ROI of any technology. It’s key for technology to deliver value quickly.
  • Proven integrations. A good API and integration ecosystem enable teams to scale a technology across more campaigns, channels, and business units, and ensures that talent is focused on growing the business, not integrating technologies. 
  • Explainable AI. Businesses want and need transparency about how a technology—specifically AI—achieves results. Legal compliance needs are growing as businesses increasingly rely on these systems to run parts of the business and inform decisions. 

Outstanding CX is critical for retaining and growing customer relationships. Many people are going into 2021 reflecting on a difficult year and considering whether the organizations in their orbit met the challenges. Providing the personalized, consistent, and responsive experiences customers want and need depends on having an advanced CX tech stack enhanced with AI-generated content and language capabilities that helps you speak to your customers in ways that make them feel like you really are there to serve them.


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