18th Oct, 2023

How Persado Uses Snowflake Secure Data Sharing to Optimize Digital Marketing Campaign Execution


Snowflake Secure Data Sharing

The Persado Motivation AI Platform is made stronger by integrations with technology partners. To tell our stronger together story with Snowflake Secure Data Sharing and Braze Customer Engagement Platform, we co-hosted a webinar. During the webinar we explained how marketers can use Generative AI from Powered by Snowflake applications to create thousands of personalized marketing campaign variations. 

The webinar featured Luke Ambrosetti, Senior Partner Sales Engineer at Snowflake; Alex Rees, Alliances Technology Lead at Braze; and Taylor Holmes, Global VP of Solutions Consulting at Persado. All three experts shared their unique perspective on this game-changing data sharing partnership. They also introduced the immediate benefits it holds for enterprise marketing teams. Watch it on-demand

Learn how Persado trains its AI models for optimized campaign execution using Snowflake Secure Data Sharing 

Taylor shared that for the last decade Persado has built the world’s largest database of words and phrases from marketing communications. These words and phrases are tagged and scored by their ability to drive uplift in conversions. 

No matter what the stated goal is for a given campaign, brands ultimately want customers to complete an action that drives revenue. Meeting marketing KPIs and metrics all comes down to generating an action or behavior. This could be a purchase, sign up for a loyalty program, submit an email address, refer a friend, etc. The way to elicit that action is through motivation and understanding the emotion behind it.

Persado adopted Snowflake as its Data Warehouse: Here’s how it benefits customers

First, Taylor stated that we store all of our data coming from customers in Snowflake for analytics and modeling. This includes “raw” campaign data, events at the user level being tracked during user engagement on web, SMS, etc. It also includes user attributes provided to Persado by our customers. The data typically comes from our customers’ CDP or CRM systems, or from their own data warehouses. 

By storing all this data in one place, enterprise brands can unlock valuable insights and easily leverage Persado Motivation AI to generate digital marketing language proven to perform. When combined with an ESP or digital marketing platform such as Braze, the time to market and the level of effort needed to launch campaigns is radically improved.

Secondly, Taylor shared that Persado also leverages Snowflake to send Persado information back to platforms and customers. This is a significant step as Persado takes performance (i.e. the copy’s ability to drive conversions) into account. This enables Persado to continue to generate the highest-performing AI-generated language across digital marketing campaigns. 

So what are the benefits of data sharing?

Data sharing gives Persado real time access to data and results in huge time and effort savings for our customers. It also ensures our models are trained on the most up-to-date data. 

Persado only downloads non-PII information and accesses the data it needs without bringing it into our systems. 

Snowflake Secure Data Sharing and Persado enhance time to market and level of effort in digital marketing campaigns

The primary advantages data sharing provides marketers include performance, personalization, along with increased efficiency and effectiveness. 

  • Performance: Persado delivers equal parts impact and insights. It gives visibility into the impact of every word and narrative. Persado powers the most accurate performance predictions in the industry. These performance predictions are based on continuous-learning models and vast knowledge criteria from over 10 years of historical marketing insights. Unlike other Generative AI solutions that simply pull data from the internet, Persado Motivation AI generates messaging based on what has already driven conversions in the market. 
  • Personalization: With proprietary patented machine learning technology, Persado Motivation AI optimizes customer-facing language throughout the buyer’s journey. It achieves this by incorporating emotion-driven language that is specifically curated for the brand and appeals to a diverse set of buyer motivations. All of this is done while staying true to the brand voice. 
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness: By leveraging trillions of data points and insights, Persado can generate 96% more effective language within 30 seconds or less.
Persado's bi-directional use of Snowflake Secure Data Sharing

For more on how Snowflake, Persado, and Braze come together to put Generative AI into the hands of marketers, watch the webinar on-demand

To get started, request a risk-free trial of Persado Motivation AI. Persado was recently named the industry leader in Generative AI Text Content Generation by CB Insights


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