May 12, 2021

Using Customer Data for Next-Level Personalized Content

The Amperity CDP and Persado AI Content Generation and Decisioning Platform partner to deliver the enterprise personalized content at scale.

More and more, personalized experiences are becoming the standard to meet. Consumers expect their favorite brands to use their behavioral data and past interactions to create seamless, omni-channel shopping experiences, customize offers, and make on-point product recommendations — all without crossing the lines of their online privacy.  

Hyper-personalization is the north star for driving customer loyalty and winning market share. But, it’s easier said than done. How do you go about actually making it happen? Who is going to write your content at scale? Marketers know how hard it is to write effective omnichannel messages that will drive their customers to action. You can carefully personalize one email to one customer. If you have thousands or even millions of customers, it’s not humanly possible to achieve high-quality personalization at scale. Every one of your customers is at a different stage of the lifecycle and each of them needs the relevant , on-brand message delivered at the right time. And even if you could hire all the marketers in the world, it would be almost impossible to refine your messages over time using campaign results that show you what’s worked and what didn’t in time to meet changing demands from the market. 

Customers want to feel like brands know who they are and what matters to them. And with the widespread shift of customers to digital channels due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the expectation is higher than ever for brands to deliver a personalized experience.That’s why Amperity is partnering with Persado, the AI content generation and decisioning platform, to give marketers the ability to deliver personalized content at scale.

Amperity creates the most comprehensive and accurate view of the brand’s customers and makes audiences accessible to any downstream system. Persado inspires customers into action with the right message for every individual, allowing enterprises to quickly determine what is the most effective content and creative.

Together they enhance each other’s capabilities, allowing joint Amperity and Persado customers to generate, test, and serve personalized marketing messages and campaigns in minutes to target high-value segments.

CDP + AI-generated Language Platform = Deeper Customer Relationships and Increased Lifetime Value

Customer Data Platforms (CDP) and AI Language Generation Platforms share the goal of driving personalized customer content and engagement. Partnering with Amperity’s patented technology, Persado enables hyper-personal experiences every place words matter by using the power of machine learning to unlock the value in customer interactions.

Amperity’s predictive attributes like lifetime value, churn likelihood, lifecycle status, propensity to purchase, and next best actions allow Persado’s algorithms to further refine messaging to each customer across channels over time. The way the integration works is once campaigns are created and pushed out across your chosen delivery platforms (email, push, web, SMS etc.), results are fed back through a continuous feedback system that:

  1. Further enriches Amperity’s attribute and response data in turn enhancing your customer segments and 
  2. Updates Persado’s segment insights on emotions and narrative efficacy within the Persado portal. 
  3. Creates a virtuous cycle that enables your team to accelerate and drive content performance.

Amperity and Persado continuous feedbackPersado and Amperity native integrationMachine learning algorithms can deliver predictive content, insights, conversion, and revenue data across a brand’s entire audience without a CDP. But adding a high-performing customer data platform is a critical piece of the personalization puzzle, creating the most accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date customer profiles.

Using Customer Data for Customer Content and Engagement

We all know that customer data is the lifeblood of customization. But when you add an additional layer of information about the audience, messaging can evolve to inspire a specific action. For example, a marketer at a hotel brand creating an email campaign for an audience of loyalty customers that highlights promotional offers on certain hotel stays might use more standard descriptive and functional language to talk about the offer details and how to access them. But if you can segment further to find out which customers have the propensity to spend in a certain product category, e.g. which customers are likely to purchase room upgrades or take advantage of local stay offers, then you can use emotive language speaking to staycations or an encouraging narrative inviting them to treat themselves.

Access to attributes via a CDP pulls through to messaging delivered to customer profiles, driving success in the following use cases: 

Acquisition of new customers

Prospects need the right words to engage and motivate them to become customers. These might include messages highlighting special discounts and promotions for first time customers.

Growing high-value customer loyalty programs

Providing customers with clear guidance on how to join loyalty programs and how to earn points, as well as helpful information on perks, rewards, and referral incentives will all drive lifetime value and make for happy customers.


Keep customers focused on your brand by highlighting the things they value with timely, personalized messages to suggest appealing upgrades and renewal experiences.

Customer Service

Encourage customers to follow self-service prompts and channels, and equip your service agents with the right messages to deliver high-quality personalized service to every customer.

For more information about how the Persado and Amperity native integration can help your business activate your customer data and provide the right message to inspire the right action, speak to an expert today

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