December 8, 2021

Human + Machine: The Future of Content is Coming


girl on steps assessing future of content

It is humanly impossible to create the volume of personalized content necessary to connect with each individual consumer and remain competitive. Fortune 500 companies communicate with customers 500 million times a month and spend 200 million hours coming up with content that doesn’t always convert. With all of this noise, brands must connect with the consumer through language to get their attention. Enterprise organizations need AI and machine learning to streamline and automate language with the power of first-party data.

The future of content is coming. Forrester states that, “​​Despite an ever-expanding universe of marketing channels and complexity, the creative process has remained unchanged for nearly a century.” So, what is the responsibility of marketing leaders to enter a new century of creative development?

“Not much has changed in how content is produced or generated, until now. There is a whole movement of companies that have one fundamental, common thesis. In the future, human ideas will be communicated with the help of machines. Human ideas, algorithmic choice of words. Writing will never be the same,” shares Assaf Baciu, Co-Founder at Persado. “It is a spectrum of change that covers clarity & efficiency of communication on one end and effectiveness with best outcomes on the other end.”

Drive Billions in Incremental Revenue with Language AI

New research from Boston Consulting Group shows that Fortune 500 companies can drive $200 billion more in value, and globally it’s even better! There is $800 billion more in value to be realized by organizations worldwide. By testing the messages in the market and using first-party data to understand the customer base, AI and machine learning are helping companies communicate more effectively.

Most content in 5 years will not be humans alone but it will be humans and AI. Forward-thinking leaders are already learning how to use empathy in their messaging by pairing consumer data with AI and machine learning. With these two cornerstones of communication and innovation, companies can unlock billions in unrealized value through content performance. 

Get Unique Insights on the Future of Content from Tech & Content Leaders 

Join content marketing pioneer, Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, Assaf Baciu, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Persado and Paul Roetzer, Founder of the Marketing AI Institute, for an exciting webinar covering:

  • How to use empathy in marketing to reach consumers on a more personal level, using consumer data, emotion, and AI.
  • What AI-first actually means, and what steps market leading organizations must take to prepare for this innovative new approach.
  • Why marketing leaders need to upskill employees and prepare them for working side-by-side with AI before they get left behind.

“There’s a tighter connection between the content we’re producing as brands and the specific language we use to attract and connect with customers. In 2021 and beyond, we need to be more empathetic to their point of view,” said Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs. “Using AI and machine learning to create content might seem radical. But it’s not. Because AI can help us create content that’s more accessible, appealing, and (ultimately) more empathetic.

Discover what forward-thinking leaders are doing right now inside their content and creative organizations that will position them at the forefront of the market. Save your spot for Human + Machine: The Future of Content is Coming on 12/15  at 12:00 pm ET for an invigorating discussion on the future of content. Register now.

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