January 19, 2019

Slack, Knotel, Bonusly: Brands That Are Changing The Work Narrative

Ugh, Mondays. Taco Tuesday. Hump Day. Friday Jr. TGIF. Rinse, repeat. Cliché as they may be, there is no shortage of work week narratives to help us get through the grind. And with 2019 in full swing, workplace leaders everywhere are reflecting on last year’s losses and wins, eyeing new targets and equipping employees for success.

In this installment of Brands That Are Changing the Narrative, we’re taking a look at three brands that are changing not only how we work, but how we think about the workplace too.

Inbox zero: in sight

Slacking is the norm now. Small startups to big firms use the workplace instant messenger. What really sets Slack apart from its predecessors are the seemingly endless integrations, intuitive UI, and the ability to create collaborative channels. Plus, we can’t forget about those custom emojis.

Slack aims to replace emails and time-consuming in-person meetings by providing a convenient way to connect with colleagues throughout the workday. And we can’t deny the instant gratification that comes with sending an instant message. The brand makes collaboration natural and fun, and claims to increase productivity by 20% to 40%—now that’s a narrative that operational-minded executives can subscribe to. But please don’t get carried away. You’re still at work, after all.

Real estate, meet blockchain

Knotel has been the talk of the town as of late, in large part because they’re popping up all over it. Last summer, the disruptor officially acquired 42Floors, a commercial real estate search engine. Knotel hopes to use this search engine data to inform a blockchain platform that promotes transparency in the traditionally elliptical industry. Wait, block-what? Knotel breaks it down further here.

TL;DR: By leveraging the vastly misunderstood blockchain system to provide a transparent look into property transactions—like sales or leases—Knotel hopes to level the playing field in real estate. Great news for entrepreneurs struggling to find a fairly priced office space for their burgeoning teams: things are about to get a bit easier.

Put your money where your mouth is

If there’s one thing that workplace leaders often overlook (or simply get wrong), it’s employee recognition. What’s too much, what’s too little? Hard to say, because each company operates differently. Bonusly has the solution: scalable micro-bonuses for employees who’ve done a great job on a project. And it’s not limited to managers; peers can also recognize each other using—you’ve guessed it—the brand’s Slack integration.

Bonusly prides itself on enabling companies to create an open culture of frequent and meaningful recognition that’s also scalable. Employees can accrue points to redeem for gift cards, cash, or charitable donations. Your employees will thank you.

Final Word: 

So now we’ve seen how brands are creating better ways to collaborate, find office space, and recognize employees. As Millennials become the workplace majority, we can expect brands like Slack, Knotel, and Bonusly to cater more towards unconventional ways to make the workplace more collaborative, transparent, and rewarding, at every step of the funnel.

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